10 Reasons for Manufacturing Industry to  Choose Odoo

The manufacturing industry requires various dynamic processes, many of which can be organized using enterprise resource planning tools. Odoo, with its robust help formula, is the perfect ERP option for the packaging sector. Odoo has a dedicated manufacturing module that works along with other Odoo modules and benefits the manufacturing industry. It would undoubtedly assist the company in efficiently and successfully coordinating all operations.

Odoo ERP can help the company expand, and it does more than just support the production process. Rather, it encourages practices such as the procurement of raw materials and the selling of finished goods. Odoo is used to integrate client management and all other facets of the production industry.

In this blog, we can look at the key features of Odoo ERP for manufacturing.

1. Bill of material management

In the automotive sector, a bill of materials is crucial. It assists producers in maintaining product consistency. This is where the components used in the manufacture of each product are registered. Odoo also supports the consumer in handling commodity prices based on raw material costs.

2. Product and variant management

The consumer can handle materials and product versions with Odoo Manufacturing ERP. This can be accomplished by either making new products or upgrading product information. This functionality helps you to control the units of measurement, commodity prices, and other aspects. The company will create a catalog of all products and schedule inventory production depending on manufacturing orders. With Odoo ERP for production, you can monitor job orders, estimate work hours, and check process status.


3. Plan purchase of raw materials

With Odoo for production, handling vendors and raw materials is a breeze. Odoo facilitates the incorporation of purchase operations for the acquisition of raw materials. After testing the availability of the parts, the purchase can be made. You can put your order right away.

4. Coordinate marketing activities

Sales, sales staff management, publicity strategies, and promotions are also part of marketing practice. Odoo has features to assist you do all of these projects. If the corporation uses Odoo ERP for the automotive sector, it will monitor promotional practices and assess the performance rate of sales and marketing operations.



5. Organize inventory management

Stock assists in the handling of raw materials and finished products in a production organization. Odoo ERP can be used to handle several warehouses and product movements.

6.Easy integration of different operations

Odoo, as an open-source program, assists in the coordination of all company activities. To allow the full use of Odoo ERP for production, separate Odoo modules can be combined accordingly. Manufacturing can be combined with other Odoo modules such as product lifecycle management, efficiency, and repair.


7. Complete maintenance support

With too much system support and equipment control, the automotive industry necessitates extensive maintenance management. Machine repair and production can be combined with Odoo. This enables the customer to handle all aspects of maintenance operations using preventive and corrective maintenance processes.

8. Manage the product life cycle

To track a product at the production plant, the life cycle of the product must be carefully handled. This function also aids in the updating of bills of materials and the coordination of inter-departmental activities. By monitoring a commodity, the PLM also aids a company's financial planning. It can also be used to handle engineering shift orders.


9. Ensure customer support

The success of a company is determined by customer loyalty. Odoo will wing consumer qualities provided it has a proper product life cycle and quality control. This ERP approach can also handle contact control, quote management, and order management.

10. Ensure quality check

Odoo quality modules can be fully incorporated with Odoo Manufacturing ERP, allowing for the measurement of produced product quality. It aids in the development of quality standards and the production of warning notifications for your business. It will also assist the organization in retaining a high-quality staff. By maintaining customer loyalty, product quality would ultimately improve the company.

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