2021's Best Odoo Ecommerce Themes

Enterprises all over the world have embraced the online business model, which has provided them with off-the-charts earnings and corporate development. All thanks to the flexibility to extend and operate without regard to actual shop locations, allowing you to expand your business's reach to other places as needed with no investment money. The eCommerce website is one of the most important aspects of the eCommerce business operations because it serves as a customer interface testing tool. As a result, the company should focus on making it appealing, eye-catching, and user-friendly, as well as providing visitors with unique tools to assist them with their purchase.

Customers are more likely to buy more from you if you have a well-defined and beautiful website where your company's products and services are exhibited correctly and presented to them. As a result, you'll need unique themes, images, and color combinations for your eCommerce website and webpages, which will make your consumers feel great at first sight, increasing the likelihood that they'll return for future purchases. With Odoo, one of the most popular Enterprise and Resource Administration solutions, you can effectively manage eCommerce website operations with a unique website module that aids in the construction and management of websites.

The Odoo Apps Store contains Odoo themes for your eCommerce website that are developed and crafted by the Odoo community and that you can purchase for your website operations. Advanced Solutions , one of Odoo's top Gold partners, has put together a collection of themes for your websites. Advanced Solutions has been a major Odoo service provider for the last 13+ years, delivering Odoo implementation, customization, migration, integration, and all other Odoo services to its clients all over the world, as well as being a frequent contributor to the Odoo Apps store and the Odoo community.

We will discuss the most popular Odoo eCommerce websites theme in this article, which is best suited for your eCommerce website.

1. Theme Boec

Theme Boec is the newest addition to the Ecommerce themes category, which can be found in the Odoo Apps store under the category of Odoo eCommerce themes free. It provides a modernized interface and a user-friendly aspect to your eCommerce website

Furthermore, this theme is ideally suited for eCommerce websites that have a blog page, since it aids in the description of blogs in a well-structured and appealing manner. With the assistance of Counter snippets for the eCommerce website, you can set elements such as Hot sales, New arrivals, and Deal of the Week. You can also use the Instagram feed snippet to customize Instagram and the unique deal of the week snippet to specify the bargains of the week. Furthermore, the Theme Boec is compatible with Odoo 14 and can be installed in Odoo.sh.

2. Theme Classic Store

Theme Classic Store, another free theme from Advanced Solutions , is a well-defined style element for your eCommerce website, with distinctive fonts and well-defined custom snippets to increase the user-friendliness of your online store.

Configurational Categories Snippet, which allows you to specify subcategories and product counts, as well as the Shop categories sidebar, which includes a product count snippet and the Shop price filter. The Classic Store theme for Odoo 14 may be obtained from the Odoo Apps store and installed in Odoo.sh.

3. Theme Silon

The Theme Silon's feature is the well-defined and distinctive product snippet tool, which can be further customized from the platform's back end.

Theme Silon is available for download for free from the Odoo applications store and comes with a variety of snippet tools for managing the eCommerce webpage, including a price filter snippet. The snippet tools, which may be used to create the customizable store, cart, and contact us pages, are also among the embedding features included with this theme. The theme is compatible with Odoo 14 and may be used in Odoo.sh. Silon is a sophisticated operational theme with a set of well-defined tools.

4. Theme Perfume

The Theme Perfume is a sophisticated theme for you since it is one of the completely customizable themes for eCommerce websites with advanced features in the form of snippets such as store view, custom categories view, product view, contact us page, and many more.

One of the most notable aspects of the Theme Perfume is the well-defined desktop and mobile view booths that may be configured according to your needs. Additionally, the theme may be downloaded and installed in Odoo.sh to be used in Odoo version 14.

5. Theme Xtream Fashion

The theme Xtream Fashion, developed and crafted by Advanced Solutions , an Odoo Gold partner and a regular contributor and supporter of the Odoo community, is ideal for fashion, clothing, and apparel eCommerce websites.

With the distinctive snippet tools provided, you may create a well-defined store view, as well as custom categories view, product view, and many more snippets for the eCommerce website setup. Furthermore, the separate Shop view, as well as a Cart view, distinguish it as a one-of-a-kind Theme for Odoo's e-commerce websites.

6.Theme Fashion

Advanced Solutions , the same Odoo gold partner who created the Theme Fashion, brought in the well-defined theme.

It is one of the top Odoo eCommerce themes available in the Odoo Apps store, with the option to set unique snippets accessible such as best offers, new arrival items slider, and testimonial slider. Furthermore, the theme has a unique pricing filter and clear cart snippets that can be set to appear on the company's eCommerce homepage. Theme fashion is ideally suited for enterprises in the fashion sector and is compatible with the newest version of Odoo, namely Odoo 14 and Odoo.sh.

7. Theme WatchHut

Advanced Solutions theme WatchHut is one of the most advanced and recent additions to the range of Odoo themes in the Odoo app store for eCommerce websites built in Odoo.

The WatchHut theme is one of the best in the Odoo app store. It is ideally suited for a watch store by default but can be adapted to any other type of company operations. Furthermore, the Theme WatchHut is a completely responsive theme with sophisticated design and configuration features, with the opportunity to custom build a gallery snippet and the store view. They also benefit from the customizable snippet tools, which are compatible with Odoo 14 and Odoo.sh.

These are a few of the most popular themes for eCommerce websites available in the Odoo Apps Shop, which may help you create appealing and eye-catching online store solutions.

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