Advanced Solutions-Odoo 14 Project Management Module

There will be different projects in a company's activities that will be specified to determine an activity. Projects can be graded and open in terms of activities, which can be specified according to the company's requirements. A company's project activities will deal with arranging, assessing, coordinating, and conducting operations in order to achieve the desired outcomes. In certain situations, project activities can operate constantly during the company's operations or may be planned for a fixed amount of time. 

The overall objective of project execution is to achieve the stated and established objectives that are defined during the initial stages of project definition. Odoo has a project management module that allows users to manage, check, and evaluate the outcomes of all of the company's project activities.

This blog will give you an overview of the project management module and how it works, so you can use it in your company.

Create projects and manage tasks

The project management module helps users to build and maintain tasks that are currently in development within the organization. The project managers, contractors, and related representatives may all be created by the user. Furthermore, the project's duties should be specified, and the user can delegate them to employees who will work in various time shifts. It is also possible to specify the project's time transfer. Furthermore, subtasks for the key task operations can be specified, and can also be programmed with the responsible individual. In addition, each task's stages will be represented in the project's outlines, and the user will be able to adjust the stages depending on the activity.

Furthermore, the activities specified should be prioritized for the operation, requiring workers to complete those that are urgent. Furthermore, the user will access each employee's operations based on the timesheets specified under each mission. The timesheet will also be used for billing and project descriptions of all facets of the company's operations.

Planning a project

Employees can see the planned mission, time duration, function, and duration of operations in Odoo, making project planning quick. In addition, within the planning window, consumers can keep track of the services allocated and their status. Additionally, web users can use the calendar and Gantt view to arrange and plan tasks and subtasks for workers, as well as delegate deadlines to each.

Service contract management

The Odoo platform's modular project management module assists users in managing the various types of contracts specified in the software. The module will monitor and invoice projects based on ordered, billable, or timesheet activities. These project service connections can be calculated by looking at the timesheet or the service that is being done.

Overview of project management module in Odoo 14

The Odoo 14 project management module is jam-packed with specialized functionality that will assist users in effectively managing projects in Odoo. The core features of the Odoo 14 project management module are listed below.

Modern interface

Users will be able to plan, coordinate, schedule, and review the entire mission, job, and sub-task activities using the user-friendly and scalable management platform.

Project preparation: Project planning can be achieved using forecasting operations that can be described in the reporting of different commodity operations.

Schedule: The organizational mission, as well as its subtasks, should be planned out for the various staff involved. Tasks and subtasks, as well as the whole project processes, can all be planned.

Analyze: For the company's project activities, quantitative and functional reposts can be created.

Forecasting needs and resources 

Users will be able to schedule the project's future and delegate roles and staff using the forecasting tool. The job distribution among employees may also be adjusted. In addition, job completion and timesheet operations can be used to measure project feasibility and efficiency in a real-time context.


The project phases may be personalized, allowing users to examine the specified payments. Furthermore, the stages of operations would allow all users to delegate tasks to ensure the project's full completion. Furthermore, the user would be able to streamline the operation and control the available workers using the modular project management framework.

Discussion and document sharing

The records and notes related to the mission and project activities will be made available to anyone in the organization. The Odoo communications features, along with the log notes, enable workers to communicate effectively in real-time operations.


The reporting feature, which can be described to be created using various default as well as customized parameters of operations, can provide an overview of the project operations.

Odoo apps integration

The Odoo platform's project module is integrated with distribution, purchase, inventory, production, human resources, and all other necessary Odoo modules, allowing users to execute operations in a real-time environment.

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