An Events App Able to Answer All Possible Needs

This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the event market had to evolve, as it was forced to reinvent itself. Online Events have become the norm! With its new unique features, Odoo Events is the only solution you need to create and manage events of any kind; from talks to exhibitors and attendees.

With Odoo 14, create live tracks and broadcast them, via YouTube, with the new Odoo integration. After the talk, assess your attendees with quizzes and create competitions by displaying a leaderboard of the best answers.

Advanced solution is Odoo Ready Partner. 

If exhibitors participate in your event, you can create virtual conference booths for them, so that they can interact with attendees. The same goes for visitors. They can open virtual rooms to discuss various topics and foster interaction.

Of course, interaction also comes from social networks. At Odoo, we understand that it is a vital aspect. That’s why you can create Twitter walls, and nest them under your event sub-menu. That way, you can keep an eye on what people say about you and your event, and, eventually, answer recurring questions.


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