An Overview: Odoo 14 Sign Module

The speed with which office operations are completed will have a direct influence on all other parts of the business. You may now digitally sign your office papers thanks to technological advancements. Manually doing things takes a long time, which causes other chores to be pushed back. You can increase the pace of signing papers and make approvals easier with the aid of online platforms.

Odoo ERP aids in the efficient and successful planning and operation of your organization. Odoo 14 supports you in every functional element of your business with specially built modules. Odoo created the Sign module to tackle the problem of manually approving papers. This module will help you save time by allowing you to digitally approve documents.

Sign Module

With the Odoo 14 Sign module, you may sign the needed papers in less time. The issue of lateness can be eliminated, and work can be completed more quickly. Through this module, Odoo also assists you in going paperless. It is not necessary for you to have a hard copy of the document, sign it, and then deliver it to the person in charge. With a few clicks, you may sign your paper. A significant amount of money may be saved this way. You must spend for scanning, printing, faxing, and other services when doing this manually, but you can avoid all of these costs by digitally signing papers using Odoo. Another benefit of the Odoo Sign module is document accessibility. When completing the procedure manually, there's a chance you'll miss the hardcopy papers. Your document can be readily accessible using the Odoo 14 Sign module, and you may store it in the database.

When the signature process is done manually, the operation will take a long time to finish. When you use Odoo's Sign module, you may save time on all of these steps. Your paperwork may be signed and submitted with only a few clicks. As the amount of manual interference decreases, the likelihood of mistakes decreases as well. Furthermore, the papers in Odoo are well-protected, so you won't have to worry about an unauthorized person viewing them. There are several laws that must be followed when signing digitally in various countries; Odoo complies with all of these regulations and is authorized under EU standards and the US ESIGN Act.

Functioning of Odoo 14 Sign module

You must install the Odoo Sign module from Odoo Applications in order to use it. On the dashboard, you may see the produced templates by clicking on the installed application. You may see them as a List or as a Kanban state. The templates may be viewed by clicking on the template. Drag fields from the left side of the screen to the intended location in the document to add them to the template.

You may sign them by uploading a PDF from your computer. To sign a PDF, click the UPLOAD A PDF TO SIGN option and then pick a PDF document to sign from your computer.

You may also use the UPLOAD A PDF TEMPLATE option to update a PDF template. After selecting, you may pick and open the PDF from your computer that you want to upload. After that, you'll see a preview of the PDF you just submitted. Signature, Initials, Name, Email, Phone, Company, Text, Multiline Text, Checkbox, Selection, and Date may all be found on the left-hand side. You may drag and drop these selections into a PDF document and add information to it. You may, for example, drag the signature field from the choices and drop it in the desired location. After that, you may configure the person whose signature you need at the appropriate location by clicking on the field. You have the option of designating the individual as a Customer, Company, Employee, or HR Responsible. You can choose whether or not the additional field must be filled up by the selected person. The modifications will be saved if you click the VALIDATE button.

After you've filled in all of the relevant fields in the document, you may save it by using the SAVE button. This will save the PDF template to your computer. There are now three alternatives available to you. By selecting the Transmit option, you may send the document, sign the document by selecting the SIGN NOW option, and share the document by selecting the SIGN option.

After clicking the SEND button, a box will open, prompting you to input the name of the customer to whom the document will be sent, the name of the company, the subject of the email, any message in the Message area, and the file name. After providing these data, you may submit the document by clicking the Send button.

After sending the email, you may get a preview of the document, which includes a signature field that is waiting for a response.

The paper and the fields that must be signed will show when you click the SIGN NOW button. By selecting the START NOW option, you will be led from the beginning of the document to the end.

When you select the Signature option, a window appears where you may type your name. You have the option of drawing your signature, having it created automatically, or having it loaded from the system. After you've added your signature, select ADOPT AND SIGN from the drop-down menu. By selecting this option, you accept that the signature you select will be a legally binding electronic representation of your signature.

The document will be shared by link and a new document will be produced when you click the SHARE button. The link may only be signed by the person who gets it.

Tags can be added to PDFs while they are being uploaded. This will make it easier for you to recognize papers. The tags and documents associated with them will be shown on the dashboard's left side.

The roles may be configured by going to the Configuration tab and choosing the Roles option. A list of existing jobs will be presented. By selecting the CREATE button, you may create new roles. Under the current roles, a new bar will emerge. You may give the role a name and choose whether or not to use SMS authentication. After you've entered these details, click the SAVE button, and the position will appear among other roles.

You can simply sign and request a sign using the Odoo 14 Sign module. The firm may save a lot of time and money by signing documents digitally. Odoo 14 makes your job easier by allowing you to track documents and their status.

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