An Overview of the Helpdesk Module in Odoo 14

An organization's or a business's most important obligation is to provide superior services to its consumers. These services are available both online and off. Online customer service has become increasingly important and preferred in the technological era. There are several customer assistance solutions available for maintaining positive client relationships. The Helpdesk platform is one of the most essential customer support systems, and Odoo ERP also provides you with an effective customer service provider, as well as a Helpdesk tool to manage client inquiries.

This article provides an overview of the Helpdesk module in Odoo 14.

The Odoo ERP's helpdesk module is one of the most basic and useful modules available. This full business suit is one of the most remarkable and appropriate solutions for any company problem. Let's have a look at some of the key features of the Helpdesk module in Odoo 14 ERP.

Attractive and Informative Dashboard 

Each of the Odoo Helpdesk screens is visually appealing and informative. They're all well-defined and easy to utilize. It is particularly appealing in the case of the Home dashboard pane, which provides an overview of the Helpdesk.


The Helpdesk module's home dashboard pane is seen in the image above. The multicolored window displays a platform overview. The reports and dates are organized in a professional manner in the window. You may see all of the tickets in this window, including My tickets, Average open hours, SLA failed, My performance, Helpdesk Teams, and many more features.

Configure Tickets with ease

The Odoo Helpdesk platform makes it simple to set up helpdesk tickets. A well-functioning helpdesk ticketing mechanism is available on the platform. What is the difference between a helpdesk ticket and a helpdesk ticketing system? Let's take a closer look at the issue. The helpdesk ticketing system is a piece of software that allows you to handle all of your customer support requests from multiple channels in one location. We understand that tickets are produced through a variety of channels, including phone calls, emails, live chat, website forms, and many others. All of these facilities are available to the support desk personnel. They're using a variety of systems to generate queries. As a result, manually controlling it is quite tough. It is critical to take each of these inquiries seriously in order to earn the consumers' confidence. As a result, you'll need strong software that allows you to consolidate, organize, and track all of your customers' queries from multiple platforms onto a single platform. Customers may have direct discussions and communications with the Odoo Helpdesk module about their concerns.

Easily Configure Helpdesk Team

The Odoo Helpdesk platform makes it simple to set up Helpdesk Teams. You may use the platform to create several helpdesk support teams to swiftly handle issues and inquiries. This will be extremely useful in classifying concerns and allocating them to the appropriate team. Without the assistance of a technical professional, you can set up helpdesk teams in minutes. You can see two existing helpdesk teams on the platform, for example, titled Customer Care and VIP Supports. We can handle real client questions and concerns in the Customer Care team. The VIP, on the other hand, assists in the resolution of difficulties and problems relating to the product they purchased and other matters. You may build different helpdesk teams based on your needs, just like that. This will be beneficial to businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large ones. It will also be useful for conducting group ticketing through your channels. The individual assignment technique will guarantee that the tickets are delivered to the correct client in these situations. You may allocate it in a variety of ways in Odoo, including manually, randomly, and evenly.

Set up stages 

The platform allows you to develop and manage several stages, which may be shared by one or more teams. For designing and altering the levels, you have a plethora of configurable choices.

SLA Policy Management

The way you address the demands of your consumers is directly related to the success of your company. As a result, we must remember that our primary objective should be to please our consumers. Service Level Agreements (SLA) are commitment policies that you negotiate with your customers in order to create a clear picture of how a service will be delivered. This policy will help you build a strong relationship with your consumers and win their trust in you and your company. The SLA policy spells down exactly what has to be done, when it needs to be done, and at what levels it needs to be done. You or your team members may define SLA policies and assign them to team members using the Odoo Helpdesk module. Various SLA rules can be configured for different teams. As a result, the Odoo Helpdesk module gives insight into ensuring that your customers receive the support they seek in a timely and correct manner.

Generate Ticket Types

The Odoo Helpdesk module allows you to generate a variety of helpful Ticket kinds. To execute this action, Odoo offers you with a separate window. The Ticket Types window is seen in the figure below. In the same box, you may create new Ticket Types.

Report Generation

You may use the platform to create a variety of reports about our Helpdesk's activities and operations. You may use this tool to create reports using a variety of quantitative and analytical approaches. Odoo includes a distinct area for accurate analysis of helpdesk operations, which can be accessed by selecting the Reporting Tab. Tickets and SLA Status Analysis are two options under the reporting tab. The Tickets window provides a detailed breakdown of all Helpdesk tickets. The SLA status analysis is shown in the second window. These numerous reports will aid the team in comprehending their performance and making adjustments. In addition, the organization's leaders receive a summary of the whole operation, allowing them to assess performance and take appropriate action.

It should now be apparent how Odoo Helpdesk will benefit your company. Members of the Helpdesk must deal with a variety of difficulties and questions from many departments, including purchasing, sales, inventory, invoices, and even real consumer concerns. It is quite impossible to manage all of these requests without the use of effective and automated tools. The Odoo Helpdesk module can handle your company inquiries to a larger extent. This module can aid in the correct integration of different platforms and the collection of all inquiries into a single unit. It will assist you in planning further follow-ups and actions to rapidly answer any complicated inquiries without missing a single one.

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