CRM Dashboard for Better Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most well-established and effective approach for maintaining and developing customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than just a business; it's also a great way to establish relationships with others. Maintaining new relationships in order to propel the company to new heights of growth. As a result, CRM software has become a must for companies today.

It is very simple for companies to clearly understand the true needs of clients and assist them in a superior manner with the assistance of a comprehensive CRM framework. Customer experience management can be made even stronger and satisfying by implementing new and advanced processes.

Odoo CRM is one such technology that can assist you in implementing the most advanced customer relationship methodologies. The Odoo platform's module allows you to view all of your leads/opportunities in one place, making it easy to track leads and analyze their outcomes. The monitoring of prospects, the usability of information, the exposure of the sales pipeline, and the activities taken by salespeople are all made easier with Odoo CRM. Odoo CRM's intuitiveness aids in the reduction of labor for both salespeople and managers by providing segmented and visually imagined results.

Here are few highlighting features of Odoo CRM:

  1. You can manually insert leads into Odoo CRM using single entry or mass importing. You can also automate leads by combining the device with your website communication structures as well as your VoIP phones. This greatly reduces the amount of work needed.

  2. You can easily track leads and opportunities with Odoo CRM. The salesperson will pass the lead from one point to the next without putting too much effort or time into it. The lead can be shifted from one place to another with a quick drag and drop. Odoo CRM also makes customizing new levels in the market easier.

  3. If you want to allocate your time, you may use Odoo CRM's lead scoring function. In industry, some parameters can be established and leads can be scored based on those criteria. And, depending on that (lead quality), the consumer will prioritize when they want to invest in the lead. The number of stars assigned to a lead indicates that it is a higher-quality prospect.

  4. Odoo CRM also makes it easier to plan out the next steps. The user will contact their client directly from the device through email and VoIP integration, and plan the next task, such as a meeting or call. Odoo's built-in schedule, as well as the expanded Google calendar, make organizing client tasks even easier.

  5. Odoo disproves the notion that submitting quotes is a nerve-wracking job. By simply clicking the lead, choosing "New Quotation," and further editing the details in Odoo CRM, the quotation can be sent in one or two measures.

  6. Another feature of Odoo CRM is its actionable reporting and dashboard. The functionality allows salespeople and managers to easily view information in the form of graphs and maps, such as leads and openings. The visual representation of KPIs makes it easier to scan and evaluate leads and openings easily. Turning the data into segments by specifying conditions such as country or lead source is easy.  

The “CRM Dashboard” Odoo framework aims to expand on the current functionality of Odoo CRM Dashboard. The CRM Dashboard created for the CRM Module is a multipurpose interactive dashboard. It includes necessary resources for providing real-time data such as critical business events and efficiency metrics. Employees, including salespeople or managers, will easily glance through their leads, sales pipelines, as well as check projects and company events to be worked on next, using the program.

The program also has the ability to customize views for salespeople and administrators, allowing them to quickly identify offers, sales events, and tasks that need immediate attention.

Who can use the CRM Dashboard application?

The CRM dashboard functionality is appropriate for those participating with the sales process, whether they are a lower-level sales agent or a higher-level sales manager. The program can be a great help to salespeople because it gives them an instant view of facts about their client relationships. Salespeople and administrators will use the CRM Dashboard tool to make the right decisions on how to concentrate and plan their sales activities. 

The CRM dashboard program allows sales managers to get a high-level view of their team's results. Sales reps, on the other hand, will use the program to quickly review incoming leads and client messages. They will also get feedback on the latest state of business prospects.

The CRM dashboard, like many of Odoo's built-in modules and apps/plugins, is designed to make people's jobs simpler. Through its personalized maps and diagrams, the program allows the salesperson to make faster and clearer decisions on sales events. The software gives you real-time data to help you streamline the company's distribution operations and concentrate on events that can result in further sales.

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