Different uses of Odoo barcode for inventory management

1. Internal Transfer

Odoo barcode integrated with inventory supports you for internal transfer. It can be described as the method of moving inventory from one place to another within the inventory.

Manage it with create button

We may also add information from one place to the next here.

Odoo will also print delivery slips, barcode PDFs, and ZPL barcodes.

2. Inventory Adjustment

Are you in charge of a shopping establishment? Inventory adjustments will be very beneficial to you. Keeping track of the number of units in storage is also a breeze. Odoo makes categorizing stock as sellable or non-saleable much easier. We may also provide the explanation for a product's non-salability.

Let us see how to use this.

When you click on Inventory Adjustment, you'll see the window below.

Create inventory adjustment

Add items and use barcodes to add information. This also allows you to verify the quantity of commodity in store and the quantity that needs to be transported.

We will check the procedure after verifying the inventory change.

3. Batch Transfer

Do you want to transfer a package of products, a batch of products, or semi-finished products? You will use Odoo to assist you. It will assist you in moving a group of items from one work center to another.

The batch transfers option is available from the image above.

In the picture above, do you find the CREATE button? To handle various choices, use it and add items. Delivery Orders and Receipts is one of the two choices.

Now confirm the process.  

Select all materials that must be used in the batch transfer.

Confirm again.

Validate the batch transfer.

This is how Odoo 14 makes product management of barcodes easier.

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