Expected Odoo 15 Features

In a short period of time, Odoo has become a hot issue among ERP users. It is a user-friendly, dependable ERP, and they add new features every year to improve the company and make the system more viable. 

Additional features are introduced to each iteration, bringing the system up to date. We saw more features like widgets, snippets, and new modules such as data cleansing in the previous release, Odoo14.

In addition to the most recent release, Odoo's experience has been running for a few years. It was done virtually last year as part of the COVID 19 rollout.

In this blog, we'll go through some of the features that are expected in Odoo 15, which is set to be delivered in October 2021.

Editable graph and pivot view:

The customizable pivot and graph views are the most talked-about feature of odoo15. Odoo adds a functionality to make it easier for users to adjust views. For example, if a user has a bar graph and wants to compare it to the ERP, they may change the graph view to bar, pie, or line.

The view may be customized using the toggle studio. They can also sort the graph in either ascending or descending order.

Import Screen:

In odoo15, a new import screen view has been included. The major benefit of this feature is that it adds an extra function to handle cash rounding, currency conversion rates, and other things while importing invoices. Here you may select from a variety of developed cash rounding methods.

From Version 14 onwards, the import records menu can be found in favorites.

This is the updated view of import.

HTML Editor:

A new HTML editor is one of the promised features in Odoo15. HTML editor is a text editor that allows you to create web pages using HTML codes. The new HTML editor may be found here.

This feature can ease the work of developers and also can attract more users to odoo.

Point Of Sale Coupons And Promotions:

Coupons and special offers have played a big role in the sales. Other techniques for adding discounts and promos to prior versions have been discovered. We anticipate a functionality for discounts and promotions in Odoo15. Where may discounts and promos for point of sale be enabled?

Coupons and promotions can be enabled. In addition, promotions and discounts may be created as needed.

Here is an example of promotion :

Where you may choose the quality, minimum purchase amount, reward, discount %, validity, and more.

You may also make coupons. To do so, first establish the fundamental parameters, such as the minimum purchase amount, validity, reward, discount, and so on, as shown below.

One can also generate the coupons and then send code via email to the customers.

We also have the option of entering the coupon code at the point of sale, which will be reflected in the orders and invoices.

Cover image for project tasks:

odoo15 features a feature where you can set a cover picture for the tasks in the kanban view to make it easier to identify them.

This will help the end-users for the easy identification of the tasks.

Assets view:

In odoo15, a database structure view may be used to add assets from the user interface.


In the notes, there is now an HTML editor view where you can quickly change the font size, color, and bullets, among other things.

These are some of Odoo15's expected features.

We'll keep an eye out for the Odoo15 release.

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