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If you're thinking about deploying ERP software at your company, keep in mind that the cost isn't set in stone. Rather, it varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of ERP solution you select, the ERP provider for your ERP deployment, and the project's size. One of the most essential factors that firms consider when implementing ERP is the cost.

Because ERP implementation costs vary depending on a variety of aspects, let's take a look at them all at once:

Product cost: The sort of product you select has a big impact on the ERP pricing. Naturally, the cost of an open-source ERP differs from the cost of a closed-source ERP. You might also look at an open-source solution like Odoo, where the license is completely free and you only have to pay for customization services.

Cost of modules: Once you've decided on the sort of ERP to use, the next step is to figure out what modules your company needs and how much each module costs. A small trade company, for example, requires fewer modules than a large manufacturing company to assist its operations. Furthermore, customization may be necessary to meet the needs of the organization.

License cost: The price of the ERP is also influenced by the cost of the license. Some ERPs demand a licensing fee, while others, such as Odoo, are license-free. The cost of a paid license will be determined by the number of users that will be using the program. If you're just getting started, it's a smart idea to utilize the Odoo ERP app because the license is completely free.

Server cost: The cost of a server varies depending on the type of server that a firm selects. The cost of a server might also vary based on things like the amount of modules or the number of individuals that will use the program. The price of the server is determined by how much you require it. Larger businesses with more users pay more for a server than smaller businesses with fewer users.

Vendor cost (service charge): After you've paid for the ERP license, module, product, and server, you'll need to pay for the ERP vendor's implementation. The ERP deployment process necessitates the use of ERP specialists, a technical support team, a functional consultant, and other resources.

As a result, vendor prices vary depending on the type of the implementation as well as the services you need throughout the implementation. Consultation fees, development costs, modification costs, outsourcing costs, and so on all affect vendor costs.

On-site vs offsite development cost: It will be on-site development and the cost will be modest if the service provider you choose to install the program for you is local. If the vendor is located in a faraway location, remote or offsite development will be used, which will cost you more than on-site development.

Maintenance cost: Only the expense of maintenance will remain once the ERP system has been installed. The cost of this component ranges from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the program. The service provider is paid for fixing the program or doing yearly ERP inspections and backups to ensure the program's correct operation.

Odoo Implementation:

If you're considering deploying ERP software for your company, Odoo ERP is a good option for a variety of reasons. To begin with, Odoo will be less expensive than any other ERP system for your company. In Odoo, the license is absolutely free. With Odoo, you just have to pay once for the corporate edition and once more throughout the customization process. Odoo software comes with a monthly maintenance cost as well. When such payments are weighed against the many functionality Odoo provides onboard, as well as the free license, Odoo emerges as one of the top ERP options.


  • The cost of ERP varies depending on the product you choose.

  • Payment for the connected modules and applications is required.

  • Some ERPs charge a licensing fee, while others do not.

  • The service charge, also known as the vendor charge, is the fee you must pay to have the program professionally installed.

  • The cost of implementation varies depending on the size of your company and the number of users.

  • The ERP setup will be accompanied by maintenance or service costs.

  • Odoo is a fantastic option to explore because it is an ERP system that is well worth the money.

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