How to Choose the Best Odoo Partner

The usage of company management software solutions has become a common occurrence in nearly all types of organizations. Dedicated business management solutions drive the functional parts of the complete firm to bring in ultimate control and operational capabilities with dedicated tools, and today significant positions of organizations across the world are using them. Enterprise and resource planning solutions are the most popular business management solutions because they can use sophisticated techniques and provide specialized business and company operational management. ERP systems are available for managing the entire business, a specific element of the business, supporting a certain application and activities, and a variety of other functions. However, you must select solutions that will meet your requirements.

In the majority of situations, ERP solutions are utilized to manage the whole business operation, providing users and management with comprehensive and specialized operational control capabilities. Odoo ERP solutions are one of the best and most devoted company management tools accessible among ERP systems. A little background on Odoo: it was created in the early 2000s as TinyERP, and it was designed to be used by small and medium-sized businesses. After receiving more financing and support, the platform evolved into the Odoo we know today, with the first version Odoo 8 being published in 2013, and a new version of the platform being released each year since then. Odoo 14 is already available, and Odoo 15 will be introduced soon during the next Odoo experience event in 2021.

Odoo has long been the leading business management solution on the ERP market, and it will continue to be so as more improvements and adjustments are introduced with each new edition. Furthermore, it is referred to as the most advanced all-in-one business solutions for any type, shape, or scale of business, regardless of the industry or location in which it operates. Odoo now has over 5 million users worldwide, covering over 160 countries and providing advanced and specialized business administration for industries. Choosing Odoo has been one of the most important decisions that many industries have made in terms of running a successful business. Odoo's ability to thrive and grow today, with a huge client base and countless users, is solely thanks to the efforts of its partners and community.

Many service providers and official Odoo partners are members of the community, and they give invaluable assistance in the areas of Odoo development, implementation, integration, migration, and other elements of the Odoo platform. However, you should choose the correct Odoo partner for your Odoo service needs since without the well-qualified and experience of a committed Odoo partner, your Odoo platform development and other elements of its operation will be on the decline. We'll go through how to tell if you've picked the proper Odoo Partner in this article.

In the case of Odoo development and other operational elements, selecting the proper service provider is critical to the platform's successful and efficient operation. Because there are so many partners and service providers offering Odoo services at various levels, picking the correct one might be difficult. Here are some factors to consider while selecting an Odoo partner. These factors will also assist you in selecting the ideal Odoo partner.

Sector of operation

Odoo may be implemented in a variety of ways and across a variety of industries; as a result, a partner will specialize in a certain area. You should always make sure that they are capable of customizing the Odoo platform for your industry. Furthermore, the skills will be described by their customers as well as successful implementations.

Level of partnership with Odoo

Odoo has three degrees of partnership, with Gold being the greatest of all, Silver being the second best, and Ready being the third best. Gold is the most trusted partner for you since they have been acknowledged by Odoo as the finest among them and have the necessary experience in platform implementation. Silver partners are immediately behind Gold partners in terms of implementation capabilities, and they are on their way to becoming Gold partners. Ready partners are those that have collaborated with Odoo at the foundational level and provide Odoo deployment and basic capabilities. Furthermore, there are service providers in Odoo that are not partners but provide assistance, and some Odoo services do not have any partner-level certifications that identify them in the market. You must pick cautiously among all of these partners, with the Gold partners topping them in terms of skills and operational standards.

Odoo community contribution

The Odoo community is a network of Odoo fans that includes Odoo partners, consultants, developers, and any other Odoo platform support employees. Bringing on a committed Odoo partner means they will contribute to the Odoo community, raising the platform to new heights through Odoo apps, integration tools, blogs, useful technical videos, and a variety of other Odoo-related topics.

Consider the Cost-effectiveness aspects

When it comes to the installation of company management systems, you should search for solutions that are cost-effective rather than those that are inexpensive. The cheaper option may appear to be less expensive at first, but in the long term, it is more likely to cause difficulties and interrupt operations. In the event of cost-effective solutions, however, you will receive enough support and the built platform will be based on a standard that will be suitable for long-term operations.

Maintenance aspects

There may be times when the Odoo platform will encounter problems and functional faults that are unavoidable in real-time operations, therefore there are needs, maintenance, and support needed for optimal operations. When it comes to Odoo implementation and selecting an Odoo partner, you need also examine the support and maintenance elements.

Number of successful Odoo implementation and the credibility of the development team 

The partner's success rate may be determined by looking at the rate of effective implementation in prior years of operations. Furthermore, customer feedback will offer insight into each of the Odoo partners' operational skills, which will aid in the capability decision.

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