How to Use Odoo to Manage Maintenance Teams

A maintenance team is a collection of maintenance professionals that work for multiple equipment manufacturers or are part of an organization. A maintenance team's assistance is critical to the manufacturing industry's seamless functioning. Different sorts of machinery and other equipment will be used in an industry to ensure that the firm runs smoothly.

For example, if you're in the textile industry, such as Advanced Solutions, you'll need looms, sewing machines, dyeing instruments, and a variety of other machinery to get the job done. Furthermore, we will be reliant on a set of computers and similar gadgets to coordinate industry activities.

In this case, the company would have to handle and maintain various types of equipment in a methodical manner. This is where the need of maintaining maintenance crews comes into play. We will also have to supervise multiple maintenance teams in a huge industry where we employ various types of equipment.

Odoo is a one-stop shop for all of your maintenance crew management needs. We can manage maintenance teams and analyze their performance using this software application, which offers you an open platform to handle all business-related activities. This task may be managed using Odoo's maintenance module. Odoo assists us in configuring maintenance teams, assigning them different duties, and evaluating their performance.

This article may be used to learn how to manage maintenance teams using Odoo 14.

The Odoo Maintenance Module is a completely integrated module with the Odoo Manufacturing Module. As a result, this may be thought of as a tool that works in tandem with the production module. We may now go on to the Configuration menu after installing Odoo Maintenance.

This is the Dashboard for Maintenance. All of the maintenance teams that have already been formed may be found here. We can learn how to configure a new team utilizing the configuration menu before checking these teams.

Configure Maintenance Team

This is the setup page, and by clicking the create button, we may establish a new team. Then we'll receive another line where we'll be able to add the new team.

After saving the modifications, a new team will appear in the list.

After that, we can check the teams on the Dashboard.

Teams such as emergency maintenance, internal maintenance, subcontract, computer accessories, and others may be found here.

The list of 'to do' chores may be found beneath each team's name. The scheduled maintenance work can also be found, as well as the team's contact information.

Maintenance Team management

When we click on the three dots next to the maintenance team information on the dashboard, we can see the status of the requests as well as the team's performance. We may also create new teams from this page.

Requests, Reporting, and Configuration are the three sections of the Setting option.


There are a few additional sections below Requests, including All, To Do, In Progress, and Done.

This will allow the maintenance staff to go over the repair requests and see where they are in the process.

All: This will show us all of the repair requests that have been assigned to the specific maintenance team.

To Do: The maintenance requests that haven't been initiated yet

In Progress: This will allow us to see all of the ongoing maintenance projects.

Done: This is where all of the maintenance requests that have been completed can be found.


The reporting area aids us in evaluating the maintenance team's performance. When we open it, we'll be able to see the overall number of requests in process, as well as equipment that has been fixed, scrapped, and new requests.


Earlier, we used the Configuration menu to create a new maintenance team. We can, however, accomplish the same thing from here by selecting the Configuration option.

Benefits of Maintenance Team Management

A maintenance crew will make it simple for you to manage all sorts of maintenance activities. The staff may assist the company in ensuring the fitness of several equipment types. In an industry, the maintenance crew will be responsible for doing preventative and remedial maintenance.

We can now assess the key advantages of forming a maintenance team.

1. Systematize maintenance operations

A maintenance team will assist the firm in organizing and managing all maintenance-related operations. The team will provide assistance in resolving any maintenance requests based on the urgency or priority of the request. It will make it easier to list and plan various maintenance chores, as well as manage them without missing any. Due to the fact that all To Do jobs will be shown in the Odoo Maintenance Team view, team members will be sure to notice any maintenance requests and perform the necessary repairs.

2. Support maintenance planning

In the manufacturing business, adequate planning is required to carry out maintenance activities. That implies that preventative maintenance must be appropriately scheduled and managed on a timely basis. The specified time must be carefully adhered to. The maintenance teams will be able to handle this effectively since the maintenance calendar will show all of the planned maintenance activities, allowing them to prepare ahead of time.

3. Ensure productivity

An effective maintenance staff will be able to resolve all repair-related activities in a timely manner. We may plan different activities in advance and schedule maintenance work so that productive hours are not disrupted. For example, if we are performing preventative maintenance, an effective team would ensure that the job is completed during non-productive hours so that the work center may be fully utilized during productive hours. A maintenance staff, on the other hand, will be able to provide rapid corrective maintenance support in order to minimize productivity loss.

4. Improved efficiency of equipment

The maintenance staff can conduct frequent inspections of the equipment types to ensure that the machines do not have any technical issues. A group of people can come up with the most cost-effective preventative maintenance plan for the firm. Furthermore, it may assist your company in resolving any equipment-related difficulties and reducing equipment scrapping.

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