HR Management of Odoo 14

Odoo is an all-in-one option for all of a company's needs. Odoo assists businesses in managing all areas of their operations, whether they be in manufacturing, distribution, project management, or the service industry. Odoo ensures that payroll, procurement, distribution, and other operations in a company are well taken care of with a range of ERP features. Human resource management, a central goal of any company or organisation, is given top priority in Odoo. Both operations in a human resource management wing are coordinated by the software solution.

Odoo is a fully developed program that is ideal for performing various functions in the human resources department. It aids in the completion of various operations, ranging from the hiring of an employee to the payment of a wage. Human resources administration entails overseeing all staff, as well as their needs and compensation. Odoo has robust resources to help you accomplish all of these activities quickly.

Now let us take a glance at the key features of Odoo HRMS.

Easy Employee Management

Employee directory, employee data, employee contact information, and other tasks are all managed quickly and efficiently. Odoo provides a detailed rundown of the agencies, including personal details, pending Human Resource operations, and so on. With the Odoo Employee module, reporting on employee contracts and employee presence becomes a breeze. With Odoo assistance, managers and the human resources department can effectively handle appraisals, leave demands, and expenditures.

Effective Supervision of Time & Attendance

Odoo makes it easy for a company to keep track of an employee's attendance. To handle this, Odoo has an exclusive attendance module that comes as part of the HRMS. This module assists employees in effectively recording their check-in and check-out times. An organization can choose between manual attendance management and biometric attendance management with Odoo. The firm's boss or department heads will effectively control attendance and staff with this application.

Manage Time-off

Regulation of time off or leave is an essential aspect of human resource management. The allocation of a pension and all other functions of a company are linked to the departure of management. If there is no adequate structure in place to handle leave, it may have a negative impact on the organization's ability to survive. Odoo's Time Off module assists businesses in effectively managing staff vacations. It enables workers to mark their vacation time and submit it for acceptance. Managers will monitor all workers' leave in a single window and approve or deny leave requests. The boss has the authority to accept or deny the proposal, as well as check the employee's leave statistics.

Expense Management Simplified

Employees can apply their expenses through Odoo's Expenses function. The administrators have the ability to review the expenditures and approve or deny them. The boss will still look over the bills and make choices depending on what he or she sees. This is specifically related to accounting, and if approved, the expense report will be forwarded to the accounts department, which will make the necessary payments and post the expense.

Employee Appraisal Management

Appraisals are an essential aspect of human resource administration. Employees do well because their work is evaluated on time, and this supports the optimal employee-employer partnership. Odoo provides appraisal management tools that allow you to set appraisal targets and complete the process in just a few steps.


Employee recruitment for a business can be conducted meticulously and guarantee that the company's staff is well-equipped to lead the company to greater heights. With application management, work role management, and application sorting for various positions, Odoo HRMS allows recruiting an easy procedure. It also allows candidates to be sorted according to their credentials. Odoo makes it easy to rate staff based on their original qualifications, interviews, and other achievements.


The timesheet aids in the management of an employee's operating hours. This is essential for estimating both work productivity and salary. This method also allows a team to monitor an employee's average working hours as well as the time spent on each job.

Odoo 14 HRMS greatly assists all companies with their human capital management needs.

Human Resource Management with Odoo