In 2021, the best open-source event management software

The Odoo Events module is one of the greatest all-in-one event management software platforms currently available on the market. A number of elements must come into play in order for an event to be successful. It entails a variety of processes and preparation to carry out an event, and putting this sequence of events into action should be well-organized. Using the Odoo Events module to organize all event management activities in an organization will help a firm in a variety of ways. The fact that the Odoo Events module provides a simple and efficient user-friendly platform for event administration is one of the main reasons for its widespread use.

Odoo will provide support throughout the event's flawless implementation, regardless of the type or scope of the event. The Odoo ERP solution's sophisticated event organizing system will cover all aspects of an event management team, from planning and establishing new events to publishing them and automating ticket sales. How wonderful would it be to have a dynamic system that eliminates all burden from putting on a business-promoting and-advertising event? This is a flexible platform that can be used to promote a variety of events, including conferences, seminars, workshops, musical concerts, charity events, and any other marketing campaign. Odoo provides the availability of intriguing tools for event management that may help improve operational efficiency

The Events Module in Odoo 14 has made the process of establishing new events and posting them on the Odoo website much easier. This module enables businesses to automate the ticketing process and sale on the Odoo website without giving consumers any hassle when booking events. Visitors may browse for events at their leisure and plan them without delay using sorting tools such as filters and group-by features. The Events module's functionality is integrated with the Odoo website, ensuring that events are accessible to a broad audience. Publicizing all new events on the internet will assist to attract a large number of consumers, and individuals will be able to book seats directly from the website.

What makes the Events module best among the other event management software?

One of the most important features is that the user may effectively oversee any type of event taking place on this level. Creating a new event with this module is a breeze, and anybody can organize events for their organization with ease because the module does not require considerable technical knowledge to use. Furthermore, this module will maintain track of all events produced with Odoo, which will be beneficial for a company's event planning staff to know the progress of each event independently. The Events module's home dashboard will keep track of the events that have been generated, published, ongoing, and finished, classifying them at various stages based on how their status has changed as they progress through the various stages of event execution.

Odoo automates the majority of the operations in the Events module, which is a huge help to the event management team by allowing them to organize the ticket sales and keep track of the guests who registered for the event. A comprehensive description of the event will be displayed on the website, together with a notice about the event, the number of available seats, the event's location and date, and ticketing information. Customers will be able to filter available events based on their interest in the type of event, date availability, ticket price convenience, and proximity to the venue thanks to the website's clear and streamlined display of events.

Online ticketing of Events

Organizers can choose whether to have a free event or charge a set amount for tickets that can be purchased through the website's event page. Odoo's online ticketing not only reduces human labor and mistakes, but it also synchronizes data with the Event module, allowing the firm to leverage the attendee's information for follow-up actions such as lead creation in CRM. The Events module assures consumer appreciation for its dynamic working by allowing customers to pick an appropriate payment method for booking tickets and, if they have any special discount on the event, Odoo gives the option to add discount offers to the ticket. The ticket type may be set up when establishing new events, and the user can add specific restrictions to the ticket type and price in this module.

Advanced integrations

When the eCommerce module is integrated, a firm may find sponsors for events produced in the Events module and advertise them based on the amount of sponsorship they have supplied for a certain event. This connection makes it easier to offer sponsorship packages for an event, which benefits both the event organizers and the firms who collaborate with them. When you integrate Odoo with Google Analytics, it will automatically set the full view and track of the events you plan and run. Another intriguing aspect of Odoo's Events module is that it allows event organizers to submit speaker and subject suggestions. This functionality may be used to produce a proposal form for presenters and speakers, as well as a nomination form for the event, where visitors can suggest lectures and speakers.

Excellent and effective communication.

Every participant who has registered for the event using the Odoo website's events page will receive an email reminder about the event, including the time and location. The Events' communication page will assist the user in creating an email or SMS template and automating contact with event participants. The Events module includes an outstanding reporting capability that allows the user to evaluate the statistics of events and progress in the corporate strategy behind running an event efficiently on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Finally, the Odoo Events module is the ideal module for organizing and executing all of the time-consuming activities associated with running a successful event. Advanced Solutions can assist you with setting up Odoo and its Events management module for your company; please contact us at for more details.

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