In Odoo, create an appealing home page for your website.

An appealing website that is both useful and conveys the appropriate information to visitors. In today's digital age, every business has a website that customers may visit. These websites will give information about the firm as well as its products and services. As a result, you should be able to pay close attention to detail while developing a website and tailor it to your design demands and corporate standards. The home page is one of the most important elements of a website, and it is the initial homepage that most consumers view when serving it. As a result, you must be able to build and design a homepage that is not only visually appealing but also conveys information clearly and concisely.

If you don't have a programming background or expertise developing websites, creating a website and subsequently customizing it to fit the requirements would be exceedingly tough. However, you may use the Odoo website builder, which is included in the Odoo ERP software, to develop, create, and design a website using a no-code method. The dedicated Odoo website builder will be a dependable and helpful tool for any business, allowing you to easily design company websites. The Odoo website builder not only has the capacity to create excellent websites, but it also includes capabilities for managing the website's operations.

Organizations benefit greatly from the no-code method since it allows them to quickly construct a website without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, you will never need to seek website construction service providers because the Odoo website builder may be used by you or your executives. There are several practical lessons on the website development component of Odoo that focus solely on the website building choices. You may watch the following video to learn more about how to use the Odoo website builder to create a website:

This article will teach you how to use the Odoo website builder tool to create a visually appealing home page for your website.

With the website module offered on the Odoo platform, you can quickly construct a website for your business. You may quickly create a new website and select a default theme from a range of options, or you can download one from the Odoo applications store. Once the website is up and running, you may choose from the various go-to website options, which will take you to the website's homepage, as seen in the accompanying image. All of the website's web pages will be blank when it first launches, and you can customize them according to your needs.

The Odoo website builder includes different pieces that you can easily drag and drop to be placed in the relevant webpage to construct the webpage. Structural block, Feature block, Dynamic content block, and Inner content block are the four categories of block classification accessible in the Odoo website builder. Various blocks can be utilized in the website's home page design. I've utilized a few of the blocks for the design of the website's main page that I think would work best.

Banner block

The Banner block may be used to add a banner to a webpage, which will be one of the first elements on the home page. Drag and drop the Banner block from the edit menu onto the main page.

Initially, a default background picture and content will appear, which may be changed and updated using the Style menu under the Edit menu.

The background of the block may be changed to an image, video, form, or drawing under the style editing menu of the block. Select the Replace media option if you wish to alter the picture. It is possible to customize the media position and parallax. In addition, the Content Width and Height may be customized.

When you choose to Replace the picture, you'll be presented with the following box, where you may either choose an image from the list or upload one from your device or external storage space.

In this section, you may change the default content. I'm creating the home page for a meal delivery business, therefore the text and pictures have to match.

Cover block

The Cover block is a net type of block tools that may be utilized in the Odoo website builder's main page design. As seen in the accompanying example, the Cover block will add a dedicated cover to the homepage. Simply choose the block from the drop-down menus and drag it to the correct position on the page.

You may do further editing operations on the block operations according on your needs, such as altering the backdrop to an image, video, drawing, or shape.

Carousel block

The Odoo website builder's carousel block will assist you in describing the contents of a webpage in slidable carousels. You may drag and drop the Carousel block from the web page editing window's block menu to the appropriate webpage place.

When you drop the carousel block, you'll see a default carousel content along with the slider. Under the Slide editing choices, just as represented in the Style editing menu as shown in the following image, you may change each slide as needed. A picture, video, drawing, or form animation can be used as the background. Position, Parallax, Filter, Width, and Quality may all be changed to suit your needs. Furthermore, the image's content may be changed together with the width of the image's content.

We've added two slides to the carousel here, but you may add as many as you like and delete them as needed. Furthermore, in all slide editing procedures, the same editing choices will be provided.

Numbers block

The Odoo website builder's numbers block will assist you in describing numbers in a visually appealing manner on your webpage. The numbers block can be used to define branch numbers, product numbers, location numbers, and much more. You may drag and drop the number block from the Blocks menu of the editing window to the correct position on the webpage.

You may connect it with any number and material you choose. In addition, the column numbers can be added or modified to suit your needs. You may change the background picture, video, or artwork. In addition, you may change the width and height of the items to suit your needs.

Steps Block

The Odoo website builder's stages block will assist you in describing numerous phases of operations for a certain process. This will aid in providing consumers with information about the operational procedures for a unique operation. The Steps block may be selected and dragged and dropped to the desired place on the webpage.

The default content will be displayed to you, which you may modify using the editing tools provided in the Steps block's Style editing menu. You may change the column number, block background, background position, filter, width, quality, and parallax under the Style editing menu. The Content Width and Height can also be adjusted. By double-clicking on the relevant icons, you can change the pictogram representation for each of the aspects. A pop-up window will appear with all of the representations to select from.

After you've finished modifying all of the blocks, click the save button in the upper right corner of the editing menu. The Odoo website builder will now load your new home page, as shown in the picture below.

We've just covered a few of the Odoo website builder's block tools that may be used to create a visually appealing web page; however, other block tools that can be changed and set identically can be utilized as well.

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