List View New Features, Advanced Solutions- Odoo CRM 14

Let's take a look at the key functions and features that have recently been introduced to the Odoo 14 CRM module in this article. Odoo focuses on the upgrade of this module at any ERP enhancement initiative because it is such an essential module for every business operation. Odoo CRM has included a few new features in Odoo 14, as it has in previous models.

Odoo CRM's user interface has been enhanced with several features. Odoo also launched new features with the aim of optimizing user interface and introducing fast and simple device use.


In Odoo 14, the list view is a modified version of the view. With Odoo 14, you'll be able to quickly communicate with all of the salespeople. You can easily do this by clicking on the person's show image.

The user would then see a chat box in the lower right corner. Give it a shot. This would be the most effective way to communicate with the customer. This latest functionality helps you to connect privately with the salesperson.

This functionality assists the user in interacting with the salesperson. It will aid in the management and control of the sales staff. It will also assist them in enhancing their efficiency by encouraging them to connect with the team leader and gain strategic lessons about how to successfully handle a client.

Odoo has implemented this function by including a chat feature in the CRM module. Furthermore, CRM can be combined with the Live Chat module, which allows businesses to enhance customer relations by engaging with customers around the clock. This service, though, is used in conjunction with the website.

Next Activity

The list view in Odoo 14 now has a new feature. It's time to move on to the next activity. The next mentioned operation is located next to the Salesperson.

You will use this function to keep track of the next operation.

This is also where you can build the next task if you haven't already. Tap on the Activity line where no activity has been generated to do so. Then we'll have the choice to make the next operation.

We can schedule the next activity by clicking the + on the Schedule an Activity option. When you press it, a window similar to the one below will open.

We may enter the activity type, due date, summary, and the person to whom this activity is allocated here. The user will plan the task until this is done.

The user will use this function to plan tasks for his team members. This will assist them in successfully organizing customer service events by offering specific guidance to team members. Action preparation has been rendered convenient with Odoo 14. Since the manager will be able to observe the success of the sales team members, he or she will be able to guide the actions in a manner that helps the organization.

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