New and Improved Menus for Inventory & MRP

To answer the demand, Odoo worked on improving the visual aspect of its MRP and Inventory apps. Several menus have been added, or moved to a more suitable position to offer a better vision of all the process’ actions.

For example, the routing information is now included in the bill of materials. This decreases the number of pages to load in order to access the operation needed to proceed. The same goes for Batch Transfers. You can now see the detailed operations for each transfer without having to click on it. Product availability also received a visual improvement, showing which products are available or not. And, by clicking on the “availability” option, you can now access the forecasted report of each product used in the MO.

Advanced solution is Odoo Ready Partner. 

Transfer statuses and scheduled dates also went through changes. Both are displayed with colors to make the reading clearer and catch workers’ attention on urgent transfers. For example, late transfers are shown in red, so everyone knows it must be done first.

Last but not least, manufacturing orders went through a lot of changes, too. Landed costs can now be applied to MOs, and the link between parent and child MOs can be shown. The scope of flexible consumption has also been increased, which updates MOs and consuming components that weren’t part of the initial BOM.


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