Odoo 14 PoS Module Pricing Features

The Odoo 14 PoS module offers a variety of pricing choices and features. The pricing features enable you to maintain an active business management environment around your consumers by providing them with special offers and discounts on your goods and services.

This article will provide you an overview of the PoS module's pricing features in Odoo 14.

Applying discounts

The most conventional and successful approach to grow your business is to provide discounts. Discounts are crucial in business because they not only assist to grow your business, but they also allow you to have a large and effective community outreach, enabling your consumers to interact directly with your company and goods, pushing them to buy your items. You can simply manage and strategize your Discount offers using Odoo's most powerful capabilities.

In the Odoo PoS module, applying manual discounts is a simple and painless process. With Odoo, you can apply a discount to a single product or a group of goods. To add a discount to a product, go to your PoS interface's Disc option and enter a discount over the currently chosen product. To add global discounts to your items, go to the PoS module's configuration page, click on Point of Sale from the fast dropdowns for advanced configurations, pick your PoS, and under the Pricing category, select Global discounts and configure as shown in the picture below.

After that, go to your PoS interface and find the Value button, then click it to input the desired discount. Using the Odoo PoS module, you can simply set up time-limited discounts on your items and services. To enable the Pricelist function in Odoo 14, go to the Configurations section of your POS module and choose Point of Sale from the dropdown selections. Visit Sales Pricelist Management in Odoo 14 to learn more about Odoo Price Lists.

After you've enabled the Pricelist, you'll need to pick which pricing list you want to make available in the PoS and set a default. If you wish to create a new price list, go to Pricelist on your PoS module's Product tab and click Create. You may utilize a certain price based on many criteria, and you can apply that price list to individual goods or the whole range of products. After you've completed this, a new button will appear on your POS interface, which you can use to pick a price list, which will update the pricing list quickly and allow you to complete the order.

Discounts tags with a barcode scanner

With Odoo and a barcode scanner, you can easily use discount tags. To utilize the discount tags, you'll need a barcode scanner, and you may use them to provide a discount on items that are about to expire. You may better comprehend Discount Tags by learning about barcode terminology. Default Nomenclature may be found in Odoo's POS interface settings. Activate the POS module's barcode scanner and then choose Default Nomenclature from the drop-down menu.

If you wish to save 50% on a purchase (refer to the screenshot above), you'll need to start your barcode with 22 for the discount barcode nomenclature and then 50 for the percentage, as seen below.

You may now just scan the goods and the 50% discount will be applied instantly to the purchase.

Manage a Loyalty Program 

With a Loyalty Program, you can encourage your consumers to shop at your store again and again. From the Point of Sale option, you can configure your Loyalty program. To proceed, go to the Configuration tab in the PoS module and choose your PoS interface, then click Loyalty programs from the list of choices. You have the freedom to choose the type of program you want to employ, and if it's a discount, make it explicit and exclusive to certain items or the full collection, as desired. You can utilize the Loyalty program in your PoS interface; you can observe the point when a customer must obtain the offer from the PoS interface, and if their spending meets the Loyalty program's requirements, then hit Reward to give them the offer.

Price list in Odoo POS

Price List enables you to create several prices for the same product, such as a standard price and a price during happy hours or other special events. Odoo makes it simple to create a pricing list. Go to your PoS module's configuration tab, select Configuration, and activate the Price list from the choices. Then, from the PoS module dashboard, select the Configuration tab, then Point of Sale from the drop-down menu, and finally Pricelist. After that, you can build up a price list by clicking on the Pricelist link and selecting the product category and discount that you want to include in your happy hour. If you wish to add a pricing list, go to the PoS settings and add it there. You may also pick a default price list if necessary. After completing this step, you will see a new option on your POS interface that allows you to select among the numerous pricing lists you have created.

Odoo can help you handle numerous pricing operations in your organization and Shop more efficiently. Odoo enables you to have the most sophisticated and user-friendly point-of-sale system for optimum staff productivity. The sophisticated tools in the PoS module enable you to have an easy and seamless workflow in your company environment, and you can simply increase the efficiency of your shops or companies by using the advanced effective usages of the different features and tools in the PoS module.

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