Odoo 14 SMS Marketing Benefits

Odoo SMS marketing is a cost-effective marketing technique that can be utilized for any type of business. This useful module may be used in a variety of businesses, including small, medium, and large ones. You may get maximum exposure at a cheap cost by using the SMS marketing module. You may also present your own company concepts to a wide audience. This will assist you in developing a successful sales plan. Regular marketing efforts will assure your(brand's) online presence and position you as a socially active company. Regular SMS campaigns and offers will establish you as a trustworthy and important business partner. It's the perfect place to promote special discounts, trial items, and even freebies. Only through SMS marketing will you be able to fully comprehend your consumer and make them feel much better about your company.

We'll go through the following benefits of the Odoo SMS marketing module in depth in this blog:

  •   Improved communication

  •  Quick and to the point.

  •  Create unique experiences for customers.

  •  Stay informed.

  •  Time management that is effective.

  •  Content that is precise.

  •  Assist in gaining loyal consumers.

  •  Make the opt-out option available.

  •  Contacts may be imported.

  •  Enables the creation of a contact list.

  •  Assists in campaign scheduling.

  •  There is a blacklist.

  •  A/B testing

  •  Creating reports.

Enhance Communication

It is obvious that communication serves as a link between you and your consumer. Proper communication will not only add enchantment to your business, but it will also make your customers more appealing and bring your business to a close. Even excellent communication may aid in the development of a strong working connection between you and your workers. This is where the significance of text messages, or SMSs, comes into play. Text messages have more reach than email, phone calls, and other elements in current smartphone era. It is a simple, quick, dependable, and efficient marketing tool for your company. As a result, the Odoo 14 platform gives you access to a superior SMS marketing platform, as well as a slew of other benefits. Let's go through some of the benefits of this module.

Fast and very effective

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is an instant messenger that allows you to send messages to your target audience quickly, and they can access it more readily than emails or other forms of communication.

Provide Personalized Experiences

The Odoo SMS marketing module will let you provide a tailored experience to your target audience or individuals. Personalizing SMS messages will make them more appealing to your audience, as well as assist you acquire their devotion to your company or brand, resulting in increased productivity. The Odoo SMS marketing module gives you a solid foundation for customizing customized messages, and this functionality will propel your company to new heights.

Keep updated

You may update your business ideas to your audience at the correct moment by utilizing this Odoo SMS Marketing module. All of your offers and other marketing information may be simply controlled.

Effective Time Management

It is quite simple to handle all marketing campaigns and other associated operations after using the Odoo SMS Marketing module. Before launching a marketing campaign, the platform allows you to arrange all of the actions that will be required. As a result, you will have more time to focus and prepare other aspects of your organization. This module will help you arrange all of your chores and will save you a lot of time.

Precise contents 

Your message will be clear, accurate, and effective thanks to the SMS marketing module, such as Odoo SMS marketing. The SMS marketing module can assist you in getting to the point quickly and without wasting time. The module conveys the precise information you want to convey to your clients. Both the readers (customers) and the suppliers will benefit from the accurate material.

Helps to gain loyal customers

Odoo SMS Marketing is an excellent platform for capturing your consumers' attention and converting them into loyal customers. Using an SMS marketing tool to update your business data, offers, and promotions will have a big influence on your consumers. This will cause your consumers to become loyal to you. If you win the trust of your regular clients, they will assist you in bringing in new consumers by spreading the word about your hospitality and special deals.

Allows Opt-out option

For your consumers, the Odoo SMS module offers an unsubscribe option. The platform gives consumers the choice of enabling or disabling SMS notifications using this feature. In other words, users have the option of opting out of receiving more text messages. Customers will find this choice to be quite convenient.

Import contacts

One of the primary benefits of the Odoo SMS module is that it allows you to import your contacts from an external source in the form of a CSV or Excel document. This may be done by going to the Odoo SMS module's contacts panel and selecting the import menu. In the image below, the import menu is highlighted.

Allows to create a Contact list

The SMS Marketing platform allows you to categorize your receivers according to their shared interests or needs. It's very useful when you need to establish a specific group of clients, such as those who are 'Interested in Tea Promotions' or who have signed up for your 'Newsletter,' as seen in the Contact list pane below.

Helps to Schedule 

The Odoo SMS marketing module allows you to specify a time and date for the campaign, and the messages will be delivered automatically at that time. This functionality will be extremely beneficial in terms of completing campaigns on schedule, as well as reducing the risk and effort of the responsible authority.

Allow Campaign testing

You may perform campaign testing on the Odoo platform, which will help you to detect the flaws in your campaign and provide you the opportunity to correct them. You may test your SMS marketing campaign using the Test menu in the SMS marketing creation window.


There must be some instances where receivers will no longer get SMS advertisements. Odoo handles these scenarios excellently with its unique Blacklist function, which allows receivers to unsubscribe from all SMSs.

A/B Testing

The A/B Testing option is available in the Odoo SMS marketing module. This option allows you to send different mailings to randomly selected recipients in order to assess their efficacy while avoiding duplicate communications.

Report Creation

The Odoo platform allows you to produce a variety of reports depending on the actions carried out in the SMS marketing module. These reports can help you gain a better understanding of your business. The graphic reports will allow you to quickly assess the effectiveness of SMS mailings. This SMS marketing analysis may be done in a variety of ways, including Bounced, Clicked, Delivered, Opened, and other factors.

The easy and convenient Odoo SMS Marketing module will undoubtedly aid you in increasing client engagement rates and maximizing sales.

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