Odoo 14, the most clever Odoo ever

We are proud to announce the release of Odoo 14, the most beautiful and intelligent version of Odoo to date.

Advanced solution is Odoo Ready Partner. 

Below, you will find the topics our fantastic R&D teams focused on. More business intelligence, a brand new Website Builder, a Stock/MRP refactoring, and more. All this while, of course, sustaining the efforts on improving Odoo’s overall usability.

With the love our teams put in their job, we are confident enough to state that Odoo 14 is the software your business needs to grow faster.

Let me introduce you to this new version and its many features. You can find a complete list of all our new features by reading our release note.

  1. A Brand New Website Builder

  2. The Business Intelligence Tool That Makes You Work Faster

  3. New and Improved Menus for Inventory & MRP

  4. A Mobile Point of Sale Like No Other

  5. An Events App Able to Answer All Possible Needs



The Business Intelligence Tool That Makes You Work Faster