Odoo 15 eCommerce Payment & Delivery Methods

Odoo comes with a plethora of payment alternatives to ensure that revenue collection is as efficient as possible. This also guarantees that the payment method is adaptable to the needs of each unique consumer. You can quickly set up numerous payment alternatives on your eCommerce site using Odoo, allowing customers to make online payments directly from your website without any hassles.

This article will provide you an overview of the Odoo 15 Ecommerce module's payment and delivery options.

Odoo is well-known for its ability to adapt to the needs of its users and clients, resulting in optimal productivity. The more payment choices you add to the system, the easier it will be for your consumers to make payments, and Odoo accepts payments through a variety of popular and mainstream methods, like PayPal and others. You can integrate all of these payment methods into Odoo and allow clients to make payments with ease. Customers can select their preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

In your Odoo system, you may customize and set up payment alternatives in a variety of ways. All of the changes you make on the payment option will be instantly available on the other modules in Odoo because all of the modules are strongly interconnected.


Odoo makes it simple to set up multiple payment options. It's worth noting that you'll need Odoo's Invoicing application installed. The numerous payment acquirers may be found in the Odoo 15 eCommerce module's setup tab, as illustrated in the picture below.

To view all of your payment acquirers, click the Payment Acquires button from the drop-down choices provided in the snapshot, as shown in the screenshot below.

One of the payment acquirers is shown in the highlighted box above. The acquirer may be activated by clicking the Activate button as shown above, which will open a configuration page for you to customize as seen in the picture below.

The payment method's state can be changed to Disabled, Enabled, or Test. To make the payment option active, click the Enabled button. On the acquirer, you may change and customize settings. You have the option of selecting the nations as well as the credentials. You may customize and examine the various payment icons that are available. You may customize the texts to fit your company's needs. To use the payment option, fill in the required information and click the Save button.

Similarly, to sustain sales, you may quickly change and setup any Payment Acquirers or methods. Following the setting, users or customers can utilize the new Payment Method in accordance with the configurations you've provided based on the nature of your organization.

Delivery methods

Offering a variety of delivery options has its own set of advantages in the corporate world. Each distribution technique is distinct and serves a distinct purpose. Offering the appropriate delivery method facilitates a successful business transaction for both you and the customer, as well as increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

To customize your clients' delivery methods, navigate to the Setting menu under the Configuration tab on the eCommerce module's dashboard, as shown in the picture below.

As illustrated in the picture below, you may access the shipping area from the settings page.

From here, select the shipping options you wish to activate and save the method you've chosen by clicking the save button, as seen in the picture above. To manage the delivery methods you've chosen, go to the settings tab and select Shipping methods from the drop-down menu, as shown in the picture below.

A page with the list of shipping methods will open up as shown in the screenshot given below.

All of the delivery methods you've created are visible. You have complete control over how they are filtered and arranged. You can check to see if the shipping method is available on any of your websites. At see this, look to the right side of the screenshot above.

Click the Create button as shown in the picture above to create a new shipping method, and Odoo will lead you to a configuration space as shown in the screenshot below.

Fill in the shipping method's details. You may customize the shipping method to meet your company's needs.

To change and customize an existing shipping method, choose it from the list and click on it for more information and configuration options, as shown in the picture below.


By selecting the Edit button, as seen in the picture above, you can inspect and edit the delivery method's parameters and information. As illustrated in the screenshot below, the edit button allows you to customize the shipping method.

Because of the setups that the shipping module must go through, the majority of the fields, including the Delivery report, will be populated.

You may choose the supplier and delivery product, as well as the amount of integration. The invoicing policy can be adjusted to either Estimated cost or Real cost. Set the rate's margin and leave it blank if the order total exceeds it. Then choose the firm and website to which this setting will be applied.

You may customize the setup for each shipment method. More configurations on the selected delivery method can be found in the highlighted section above. You may customize the delivery method's details, such as the Id, password, account number, region, product, and so on. You may also select the weight of the package, the dimension units, the label format, and the label template.

All of these configurations are required for the shipment or delivery of items to clients. These settings are also required for Odoo to understand the nature of the shipping method chosen by the client or you to complete the transaction.

More shipment alternatives can help you attract more consumers and generate more income since they will be able to rely on timely product delivery.

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