Odoo Employee Module Reporting and Configuration

It is critical to effectively manage a company's personnel in order to increase production, efficiency, and profitability. Every business, whether small, medium, or big, is built on the foundation of employee management. To manage personnel, you'll need to keep track of their information and evaluate their profiles on a regular basis.

Odoo 14 enables you to keep a database that contains all of the information on the workers that work in various departments. In the Odoo 14 Employee module, resumes, job information, private information, and much more are saved, and a suitable employee profile is maintained.

You may keep track of employment contracts in addition to building and updating staff profiles. It is also possible to do a contract analysis.

Let's have a look at the reporting and setup options available in the Odoo 14 Employee module.


To acquire an Employee module, you must first install it from Odoo's Applications module. Employee module will show with all other installed programs. When you first launch the module, you'll see a dashboard containing information about each employee. You may click on any employee's name to see more information about him or her. By selecting the department name from the menu, you may collect personal information according to their working departments.

The contract details are an important element of employee information. The Employee module in Odoo 14 allows you to keep track of your employees' contracts. You may receive a detailed analysis of the employment contracts by going to the Reporting page. The analysis can be seen as a bar chart, pie chart, or line chart.

Various metrics can be used in the analysis. Employee Departure, New Employees, Annual Employee Budget, Contract, Date Last Contract Ended, Duration Contract, Employee, Months of First Date of this Month, Months of Last Date of this Month, and Wage are examples of these metrics. You may also conduct the study using other factors to categorize particular personnel.

Under the organization, you can see the total number of workers, total contracts, last contract ended, number of new employees, number of departing employees, turnover rate, and mean contract duration.

You may get an analysis of workers on the screen by clicking on the Total number of Employees. By choosing New Staff, you may obtain an analysis of recently hired employees. The cause for the employees' leaving is shown below the analysis report.

Another useful aspect of the Employee Analysis is that it allows you to perform Pivot Analysis. By selecting the INSERT IN SPREADSHEET button, you can quickly enter the information into a spreadsheet. With the aid of this function, it is simple to analyze workers and their budgets across several departments. You may include specific measures in Pivot analysis, just like you can in contract analysis.


Odoo 14 Employee module assists you in configuring the module to make the Human Resources department's work easier. Settings, Job Positions, Departments, Contracts, Activity Planning, Challenges, and the Salary Package Configurator are just a few of the tools you may customize. Let's take a look at each one separately:


Many parts of an employee's information may be accessible via the settings configurator. You have the option of determining how you want the employee's attendance to be measured. It might be based on attendance, user status in the system, or a combination of both. If you want attendance based on sophisticated characteristics like screen reporting, email, and IP address management, you may choose the Advanced Presence Control option. If you wish to improve an employee's productivity by looking at the talents he or she has, click the Skills Management option, which will allow you to add skills and resumes to the employee's profile.

You may control an employee's working hours by establishing a regular working hour.

If you want workers to be able to edit and make appropriate changes to their employee profiles, click the Employee Editing option.

Job Positions

This option assists you in configuring and creating new Job Positions in the database of the business. A comprehensive list and description of various employment openings will show on the screen, and you may use Filters to gather specific job positions.


You may modify existing departments and make modifications and details by selecting the Departments option. By selecting the CREATE option, you may also add additional departments to the database.

Contract Templates

By selecting the Templates option, you may create contract templates. You may also click the CREATE button to create new templates and change current contracts by selecting the template.


Click on the Plans option from Activity Planning to add the Onboarding and Offboarding processes of the organization's workers. You can also develop new operations that will be required by the organization.


You may allocate or give badges to employees based on their achievements and to increase their productivity. By selecting the GRANT option, you may provide these badges to your staff. These badges are accessible in the employee profile, and they may be used to evaluate the individual's commitment to work and the company while reviewing the employee profile. By hitting the CREATE button, you may make new badges.


By including goals for the staff to attain, you may create difficulties for them. You can also provide the employee a prize for finishing the task. This will assure the employee's productivity and competitiveness.

Goals History

You may show the history of the goals that the employees have attained to inspire them. This will motivate them to strive even harder to achieve their objective. You may also evaluate an employee's performance by comparing the current value to the desired number.

You can traverse the workers using all of these tools to customize and analyze reports. With correct acknowledgment of the employee's talents and accomplishments, the Odoo 14 Employee module assists you in maintaining employee profiles while also assisting in increasing their as well as the company's productivity. The Odoo Employee module is user-friendly due to the ease with which these activities may be completed.

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