Odoo Purchase Can Make Procurement More Efficient in Five Ways

Stock monitoring and buying operations should not be managed manually. An ERP solution may provide the speed and efficiency that manual management cannot. The globe's pace is reflected in the commercial sector as well, and any lag in progress might cost you a promising future.

Do not be hesitant. If you haven't yet implemented Odoo, now is the time. Odoo, one of the clever ERP solutions on the market, can assist you in managing and automating your business operations from every angle.

Yes, it is correct. It wasn't always like this. Odoo, on the other hand, has made it a lot easier. Do you want to learn more about how Odoo may help your company? Then this site will undoubtedly assist you. Let's look at how Odoo might help your organization acquire items more efficiently.

Odoo is a fast-growing ERP software with a powerful buy feature. Odoo Purchase, one of the Odoo modules, provides unrestricted assistance due to its compatibility with Odoo's inventory and sales modules. It may also function in tandem with other modules such as manufacturing, eCommerce, and others to guarantee that the procurement process is automated for simplicity of use.

Manage sufficient stock

We may provide an example to describe this scenario. Assume you're in charge of a wholesale operation. Certain things you provide may be in high demand among clients, prompting shops to contact you regularly for the product. What happens if you run out of the product? Isn't it going to have an impact on your business?

Yes, you must guarantee that the things that are in high demand are constantly available.

Odoo has a unique feature for us: reordering rules. This feature ensures that we have enough merchandise on hand to meet demand. Stock can be replenished using reordering rules depending on the minimum stock level established. That is, the Reordering rule assists us in determining a stock's minimal amount. When determining this, the time it takes to obtain the product is taken into account. This will prevent a product from becoming out of stock.

We can see Minimum and Maximum quantities in the above figure, which are dependent on the reordering rule that we have specified. That is, the system will automatically renew the supply when the minimum amount of Acoustic Bloc Screens reaches 100.

Purchase Agreement Management

If you operate a point-of-sale, you may be required to keep a product in stock throughout the year. That implies you'll have to buy the thing again and again. Some items are only available during certain times of the year. A purchase agreement can be used to handle these purchasing operations.

This aids us in determining whether we should follow a call for tender or a blanket order for purchasing activity.

Call for tender: This option allows us to compare price lists and offers from many suppliers and select the vendor that gives the best deal. 

Blanket Order: This will assist you in making a year-long purchase. However, depending on the requirements, the goods will be delivered on different dates. Despite the fact that you will receive many deliveries on different dates, blanket orders will allow you to receive the product at the same price.

Odoo makes it simple to write a purchase agreement. We can achieve this by going to Configuration in the Purchase module.

Pre-plan purchases and delivery dates

You may be a contractor who buys cement from a supplier. You placed your purchase with the expectation of receiving it in five days. Your job will be hampered if it does not arrive on time. However, if the delivery date can be planned ahead of time, this difficulty can be avoided.

You may set the delivery date in Odoo Purchase right from the Request for Quotation step. You can state the planned delivery date here and assure that the work will not be halted. Your supplier will rush to finish the delivery process, since we have already specified the delivery lead time.

We can see that Wood Corner has set a delivery lead time of 8 days, while other suppliers have set a delivery lead time of 0. As a result, while making a purchase, we may select a vendor depending on delivery lead-time.

Three-way matching for payment

You will receive vendor invoices for all of the items provided by the vendor when a purchase transaction is completed. If you don't have a checking method in place, the buyer may be compelled to pay for things that his firm did not get.

However, Odoo Purchase provides quality assurance support. Let's pretend you're a glassware retailer. You placed an order for 100 glass doors, and the seller delivered them and issued you a charge. During the quality control, however, your crew discovers that 70 of the glass doors are broken. There is no need to pay the full sum for all 100 glass doors if we use a three-way matching method. Instead, we may use the Purchase module's three-way matching option to pay just for the things that arrived undamaged.

You will be able to choose the payment method using this function. This may be done by comparing the information supplied in the purchase order to the information supplied in the supplier's invoice and the receipt produced at your warehouse.

The dropship functionality allows you to sell a product without having to keep track of inventory at a warehouse. You could run an ecommerce firm or another type of business where you don't need to have all of your items on hand. You may use Odoo's dropship support in these situations. This allows the company to conduct sales without having to keep track of inventories. In this situation, the items may be stored by the vendor, and when you place an order, the vendor will deliver the goods straight to your client. That is, you act as a commercial intermediary between the supplier and the customer.


The drop shipping option may be enabled in Odoo Purchase's Settings.

Odoo Purchasing can assist the firm in completing all purchase processes in a coordinated manner in this manner. It can also ensure that you receive assistance in maintaining a positive relationship with both the supplier and the consumer. This tool may be utilized without much help and will provide you with the most efficient service to help you grow your business.

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