Odoo's Recruitment Module's Key Features

It is a harsh reality that finding qualified candidates for vacant employment openings has become a challenging chore for an organization's Human Resource Management. Hiring managers must sift through large amounts of data in order to find individuals that meet the company's standards for a certain employment opening. When it comes to recruiting, there are a number of important methods that allow for the selection of the best candidate from a huge number of applications. Here, Odoo's full-featured recruitment management system may assist a firm in streamlining all recruiting processes for an available employment post.

The Odoo ERP system guarantees that business activities run smoothly at all times. Odoo's Recruitment module is meant to make the hiring process more easier than in the past. It automates and monitors all of an organization's recruitment processes, allowing the HR staff to focus on other important tasks. It coordinates the complex procedures involved in a selection process, such as filling vacant positions in a company, creating new job openings, posting advertisements on the company's website, tracking actions taken on received applications, confirming potential candidates, and signing contracts with newly hired employees. The Odoo recruiting module has been created with many extra capabilities in order to facilitate all of these activities.

Rather than establishing new job opportunities and recruiting people, this article will focus on the additional capabilities that Odoo provides in the recruitment module.

It has become clear that an effective recruitment management system is required to effectively handle all recruiting operations. In the Recruitment module, Odoo makes it simple to create new job opportunities and applications for a specific employment post. Apart from these features, Odoo has a slew of additional outstanding inventions that help to alleviate the challenges of running the recruiting module smoothly.

Captivating Dashboard

One of the most important aspects of the Odoo ERP system is the interactive dashboard. Odoo's Recruitment module also has a sophisticated dashboard for controlling, tracking, and analyzing the module's operations. The use of the appropriate tools provided in the Odoo recruiting module can simplify many of the operations.

Filters and Group by Sorting Options:-

To make the search process easier, these features are provided in virtually all Odoo modules. These sorting options will help you rapidly obtain data and filter or categorize it based on your needs.

To discover the employment openings established in the recruiting module, you may also use custom filters and groupings. You can prioritize these options to make it easier to find a certain job. When the dashboard is clogged with a huge amount of data about job openings and extracting one is difficult, you may use the filter option to narrow down the list based on the requirements. The 'Group by' option will assist you categorize job opportunities based on default settings such as the department and company where the vacancy is located, as well as the state of the offered employment opportunity.

Preview of the Job Position:-

In the Recruitment module's dashboard, you'll see a list of all open positions in an organization. Each job posting will include a summary of the job posting and its current status. We can determine the currently empty position and the company's publicized list of job openings this way. It displays the number of job openings for a certain position as well as how many applications have already been received for that position.

By selecting 'Job Description,' you will be sent to the Odoo website, where you can read a comprehensive description of the job and apply for it directly from the website.

Overview of All Applications

The applications received through the website are connected to the appropriate position, and all of this information is available in the recruiting module, which is organized by different stages of application activity.

This allows us to understand where an application stands and what measures need to be taken next. You can open the application to receive a more thorough look at the applicant's information. The supplied parameters in this application window can be used to conduct a variety of actions.

This comprises vital information such as an applicant's employment details, contact information, recruiter name, and contract data. Let's go through the other options accessible in the application window now.

Send Direct Message to the Applicant:-

You may send direct messages to the candidate under the 'Send Message' option concerning anything related to the job application. It's a simple method to stay in touch with the applicant without having to use another module to send data.

Log Note:-

This tab can be used to provide comments or explanations regarding an application's activities or state changes. Under this tab, the recruiting officer might state the next stage in the application process.

Scheduling Activity:-

This is a simple method of planning any activity with the applicant. This feature allows you to plan meetings and interviews with the candidate. To create a new program, click the 'Schedule Activity' button.

A window will appear where you can fill in the activity's information. After filling out the form with all of the relevant information, click 'Schedule' to complete the schedule.

Generate Offer Link:-

If you are pleased with a candidate's qualifications stated in the job application and performance in the interviews, you may produce an offer link directly from the candidate's application. 

Create New Employee Profile:-

If the application satisfies your standards, you can hire the applicant. You may create a new employee profile by clicking the 'Create Employee' button.

A new window will open, and you can fill up the employee profile in the same way you did in the Employee module. You may also make a new employee contract at the same time as making a new employee profile for the candidate.

Refuse an Application:-

You may simply decline a job application by clicking the 'Refuse' option if you are unhappy with the applicant's performance or if the applicant's qualifications do not satisfy the company's standards.

This will lead you to a pop-up window where you can mention the reason behind the refusal

After submitting the reason the application will be marked as 'Refused' as shown below.

Recruitment Analysis

The recruiting module's reporting option, found on the main menu bar, may be used to create analyses and reports using several graphical representations.

These are the extra capabilities offered in the Odoo recruiting module, which can help companies streamline their staff recruitment processes.

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