Odoo - The Best ERP Software in 2021

In our world, nothing is static. The corporate world is the same way. Everything is evolving, including company models, modes of transportation, payment methods, payment gateways, and technological advancements. The transformation of small-town businesses into international corporations is a key feature of the modern period. Small enterprises and home-based organizations, in addition to huge corporations, are using internet platforms and payment gateways to conduct international transactions and sales. As a result, we must embrace technology and adapt to changing trends in order to maintain the best possible business.

Business ventures must embrace software applications to carry out their business operations since the pace at which business operations are taking new turns and changing the style of operation makes it necessary for them to do so. An ERP tool, also known as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool, is a software platform that allows you to easily manage all of your business-related duties. By integrating departments and tasks, ERP software helps effectively manage operations.

Why is Odoo the best?

The ERP market has a large choice of ERP products to choose from. All of these ERP tools have different prices, types, and modules. Your mission is to choose the finest ERP technology for your company's needs. Are you perplexed? Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong ERP among a plethora of options. Choose the best option for your business. Due to their high cost and lengthy deployment procedure, certain ERP solutions are only available to large organizations. So, before you rush out and buy an ERP, study about the cost, operation, setup, customization, and training support options.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Odoo is the ideal option. Large organizations can also profit from this ERP platform. The Odoo tool can provide comprehensive help for handling complex processes. By boosting resource management and sales, Odoo may assist the company in reaching new heights.

Odoo is an open-source platform with a variety of modules devoted to supporting different company processes such as raw material procurement, human resource management, inventory management, customer relationship management, sales management, project and planning, fleet management, and accounting. Odoo, being a full ERP system, may also assist your company in automating business processes. This ERP solution can also help you reduce mistakes and improve your accounting processes. We may rely on Odoo for budgeting and financial management as well. It can also provide client relationship management help.

The primary industries that can profit from Odoo ERP may be found here.

- Manufacturing

- E commerce and website


- Service Sector

- Healthcare management

- Education

- Restaurant management

- Trading 

The manufacturing and service industries are the most powerful in the corporate world. Odoo, a powerful tool for handling invoicing, accounting, sales, purchases, drop-shipping, and other activities, may help all major industries throughout the world.

Reasons to choose Odoo?

- Manufacturing may benefit from Odoo's work center and workforce management.

- Odoo gives you with a platform that ensures transactions are transparent.

- Odoo is the greatest accounting and financial management software available.

- Timely preparation of the bill of materials.

- A tool that is open source and receives frequent updates Odoo provides a safe platform.

Because of some of its important features, Odoo is regarded as the greatest ERP software system in the world.

When you compare the features of all current ERP solutions, you'll quickly realize that the Odoo tool is capable of providing you with the greatest solutions for all of your business-related duties. Let's take a look at some of the primary benefits that an Odoo user has seen after using this ERP platform.

- Increased staff productivity.

- Cost management that is effective.

- Time management that is efficient.

- Management of accurate forecasts.

- Supply chain management that is effective.

- Account management that is accurate and transparent.

- Easily manage suppliers.

- Marketing methods that are more effective.

- Oversee multi-currency transactions.

- Integration of payment gateways is simple.

Odoo is the most effective option for growing your business and bringing it up to international standards. We may go into the specific advantages of Odoo and see why it is the greatest ERP solution.

Cost-Effective ERP Tool

Odoo is one of the most cost-effective ERP software solutions currently available on the market. To address a variety of needs, the Odoo team has created two editions: Enterprise and Community. The community edition is a fully free version that may be utilized by any sort of company. The Enterprise edition is a premium edition that includes certain additional features. However, as compared to other proprietary ERP packages, the payment charge is relatively modest. Odoo's cost-effectiveness may be extremely beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses who cannot afford to invest much in ERP adoption. Apart from ERP setup, Odoo customisation and integration may be done as a secondary priority. Experts in Odoo setup, customization, and integration are available as Odoo partners.

Even individuals who choose the community edition can upgrade their software for a little price. With the assistance of a capable team, upgrading the community version to the enterprise version is also possible.


Odoo ERP is a user-friendly tool that can be used by any employee or client without any training program. This ERP delivers you a friendly user interface and quick-to grasp views. An employee or a worker without any formal education can also make use of this tool after some guidance. Unlike a complicated system, it will not land the user in trouble forcing them to follow the manual method for document and task management. Odoo ERP is a user-friendly technology that can be used without any training by any employee or client. This ERP has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand views. After some instruction, an employee or worker with no formal education can utilize this instrument. Unlike a sophisticated system, it will not get the user into problems by requiring them to manage documents and tasks manually.

Odoo ERP may help you get the finest results since it ensures your workers' support. Without any glitches, anybody may quickly add new features and adjust settings.

Best Integration Support

Odoo is a modular ERP platform that may be used on its own or in combination with other modules. All of these modules were created with the goal of efficiently managing all duties. These Odoo modules can be used individually. In addition, we may utilize and combine the modules.

Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Fleet, CRM, Payroll, Time-sheet, PoS, Website, and other major Odoo modules are available. We can combine a sales module with marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing, or live chat if you run a wholesale firm. This will aid in the efficient management of various processes.


Odoo is an ERP platform that can be integrated with a variety of different ERP systems. IT can assist with customization, which can be done with the aid of a reliable Odoo partner like Advanced Solutions. Odoo assists you in gathering requirements and doing a gap analysis. Then we may do a feasibility analysis and offer a customization estimate. Odoo partners can assist with the development of your customized tool.

Effective Localization Support

Odoo is the greatest ERP system for managing a business in many countries, as well as a firm with international clients and vendors. Odoo's fiscal localization function enables the tool's functioning to be tailored to the needs of many nations and tax systems. It has the potential to boost the company in the worldwide market. Odoo may be used in a variety of countries because of its localization capabilities.

On-cloud and On-premise Versions

Odoo is a multi-faceted ERP system. On-premise and cloud versions of Odoo are available. This is something that you may choose based on your needs. Versions require no further investment in the cloud. The On-premise version need a separate backup facility as well as employees to keep the operations running. Odoo, which is cloud-based, may also let you manage the software from afar.

Odoo in Brief

Odoo is a software that allows you to manage a wide range of operations. Customers, supply chain, accounting, resource management, and other operations may all be managed with this ERP software. With the aid of Odoo ERP, you may accomplish interdepartmental cooperation and job fulfillment in a timely manner.

1. Lower operational costs.

2. Profitability has increased.

3. The most effective machinery management.

4. An effective delivery management system.

5. It was simple to handle and track stock.

6. Payroll management that is effective.

7. Email, SMS, and social marketing platforms for marketing support.

8. Attendance and time management at work.

Employee shift management is number nine.

10. The use of work centers.

11. Recruiting and payroll support, as well as employee management.

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