On the Odoo website, how can you purchase tickets for an event?

Using a website to purchase tickets for an event relieves the event management staff of some of their responsibilities and automates the ticketing process. The online event ticketing system will reduce the likelihood of booking mistakes and prevent duplicate bookings for the same seat. Whether you're planning a huge or small event, you may use an online booking system to manage ticket sales. A corporation may generate new event announcements using the Odoo Events module. It's a simple platform for organizing any sort of event.

On the Odoo website, freshly generated events are published. The Odoo ERP system enables connectivity across modules, allowing for easy program operation and structure. This is one of Odoo's finest features. Odoo allows automatic storing of changes in data across modules thanks to its connection capabilities. Using this connection, you may post your events on the Odoo website. People who are interested in your company's programming may use the website to look for events and purchase tickets.

People will be able to readily discover the list of events announced by a firm if they are published on the company's website. The data of the guests and the money generated via the ticket sale will immediately connect with the events module once the registration is complete. The availability of event details on the online boosted ticket sales. Because, in order to prevent difficulties during the booking procedure, individuals increasingly prefer to use online booking techniques rather than phone calls.

This article will walk you through the simple processes of booking tickets for an event on the Odoo website.

The advantages of Odoo websites are numerous, and in this article, we will just examine their connection with the Events module. After you've finished creating new events in the Events module and published them on the website, you can go to the Odoo website to see a comprehensive list of all the events you've published and book a seat for any of them.

As seen in the image, the Odoo website builder symbol can be seen. On Odoo, this is a simple and configurable platform. When it comes to buying tickets on the website, you don't have to be concerned about the procedures because Odoo makes all of these activities simple and user-friendly. To reserve your tickets on the internet, you don't need much technological skills.

Go to Website

When you go to Odoo's website, you'll see the dashboard, which is displayed below. This contains a variety of features and menus, each of which is designed to serve a certain function.

The dashboard's 'Go to Website' option will take you to your Odoo website.

This will be your website's welcome page. The dashboard of your website may be elegantly customized utilizing the ‘Edit' option on the right side, as shown in the image. The website has several pages, including Home, Shop, Events, Forum, Blog, Courses, and Contacts. Click on the ‘Events' tab to see a list of upcoming events and to book your ticket.


We can post all of the events we made with the Events module to the website.

On the search box, you may look for a specific event. The ‘Forthcoming Events' option will show you a list of all upcoming events as well as scheduled events for the current month. A list of previous events will also be displayed. Customers will be informed about the status of events as a result of this.

Preview of Events

You may choose any event that piques your interest to learn more about it and book a spot for it. The event's name, scheduled date and time, venue, and tags are all included in the preview. The event date is emphasized in a circle on the right side again to draw attention to the availability.

Select the event in which you wish to take part. As seen here, you will get a comprehensive view of the event.

This information includes ticket availability, event descriptions, specific location information, and the event's start and end dates. The organizer's contact information is also displayed on the dashboard, allowing you to immediately contact them in the event of a problem.

Selecting Tickets

Ticket prices may vary based on the kind of ticket purchased. VIP tickets are frequently more expensive than ordinary tickets at the firm. There are several varieties to choose from, including golden, platinum, and premium. The kind and pricing of each ticket are up to the organizers. You can choose your ticket type based on your interests.

Before you click the "Register" button, double-check how many tickets you'll need in each category. We have both ordinary and VIP tickets available. In the box for each category, enter the quantity of tickets you require.

You may now click the 'Register' button. A pop-up box will open on your screen, prompting you to enter the guests' names, email addresses, and phone numbers. The amount of fields on the form will be determined by the number of tickets you have purchased.

Please click the ‘Continue' button after entering these details in the appropriate areas.

Confirming billing Address

The billing address must then be verified. This page will also provide a list of the tickets you've selected, along with their total price.

If you have a promo code, enter it in the appropriate area to receive a discount on your tickets. To proceed to the next level, click the ‘Confirm' button to confirm the billing address.

Paying for Tickets

The payment is the final step in the booking process. By paying the amount shown on the bill, you may confirm your tickets. You can choose your preferred payment option and proceed to the ‘pay now' button.

The preview of the event on your website will alter when you have successfully completed the payment, and it will be listed as registered.

After successful registration, the Odoo events module will give you a confirmation email or SMS, and it will also send customers reminders at regular intervals before the event's planned date. On the Odoo website, booking tickets is quick and straightforward.


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