Reporting, Advanced Solutions-Odoo 14 Accounting


The report functionalities in the Odoo platform's accounting module provide descriptive report generation options. The window allows users to produce a variety of financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements and many others.


Generic statement

Odoo allows the user to create a variety of generic reports, such as:

  • Profit and loss statement

  • Executive summary

  • Balance sheet

  • Audit reports

  • Partner reports

  • Cash flow statement

Profit and loss statement: All of the profits and losses from the company's activities are listed, along with different filtering and grouping options.


Executive summary: This section features a summary report on the various financial aspects of the executive activities.

Balance sheet: depicts the company's entire financial activities as well as the amount of equity left in the company accounts.

Audit reports:  This window will be used to generate the company's audit function reports. These will be useful in interpreting the company's affairs and financial status. This window will produce audit reports such as general ledger, trial balance, consolidated journals, tax reports, and journal audits.

Partner reports: The Odoo reporting module enables users to create a variety of reports based on the company's partner activities. Reports such as partner ledger, payable, and receivable are available. All reports and analytical data produced as a result of these can be seen and generated here.

Cash flow statement: The all-cash flow specifics of the company's activities are displayed in all areas of the operation.

Advanced Solutions-Odoo 14 Accounting