Running a business form Mobile Device

Business is hard to be carried nowadays because of #COVID-19. This article will show how to use a mobile device for business daily operations.

Working from home has become the new norm, but it's hard to work from home when you don't have the material or data to work with. This makes it compulsory for the employees to be present in the office to complete their assigned task/work. If we were able to run the business from a mobile device we would be able to work on the assigned task/work and  also deliver goods to customers, have an online payment system making it very essential as the customers can't leave the house.

We should know what are the challenges business owners face. First and foremost is how they can build an online business environment, there are many types of business(such as beauty salon, coffee shop, retail etc) and each type has its own solution. Making it a task for the owner to know exactly what type of business to start. After identifying the type of business the owner has the challenge of designing the business workflow, just as the business environment the business workflow also differs according to the type of the business chosen. Once the owner has the business workflow and the business environment is known, what's left is taking control over the team and monitoring their performance while minimizing the cost of expenses and maximizing the income and profit.  

Because of these challenges owners transform their business to digital business(meaning change form paper based business to online business). So now here we will see how owners will transform to digital business. One way to transform the business is by automating its business process from the starting point of the product till the delivery of the product to the end user/customer, this also includes the sales process. The automation of the business process makes it easier to automate your employees task and duty, making it possible for the owner to see which employee did and didn't do the task. The other important automation is the automation of the payment as it was told earlier, an online payment system making it very essential as the customers can't leave the house. Customer care is also a crucial part of a business. The owner needs the feedback from the customers to make the business grow and get better. So automating the customer care through a website is a must. 

The above mentioned are the automations needed to be done to transform the business from paper-based business to digital business.

For this automation we need an ERP Software Solution. The benefits of ERP Software are, it makes accounting, sales, inventory, purchase, HR, manufacturing data in one place. And this reduces the time the employees need to look for some data as well as reduces the cost. For example:- as users the HR employee can see the accounting process or how much inventory is there with one click. 

There are two ways owners can run their online business, it's either through a website or mobile app. Different types of companies can use ERP software such as  beauty salons and spa, restaurants, clinics, mobile shops, coffee shops, law firms, retail etc. Because of #Covid business couldn’t connect with their clients/customers, but after the owners transform their business to a digital business and have an ERP software it will be easier to connect with clients/customers, for example for a beauty salon and spa the customer can make an appointment online and the employees will get the notification and make the needed preparations.

In conclusion, we saw how #Covid-19 affected business, it also explains the challenges business owners face and how transforming to digital business is a must for a business during this hard time. The solution for all this problem is building an ERP software to collect all raw business data and make a good business decision. All this can be done using a website or an application.

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