SME Transformation with Odoo CRM

Any business owner or employee understands that the client is the most important aspect of the business, and the company must be able to have excellent customer support in order to stay in business. It's common sense, and nearly any company will strive to be the best at it. Customer experience and its assigned partnership should not be sacrificed at the expense of the company's values and parameters. For eg, whether you own a store and one of your items is sold in a certain size and a client requests a different size, you could quickly customize it if you have the resources and ability to do so, or you could review the market plan and decide if it is important to you and continue or respectfully decline it.

The company's customer relationship management activities are delicate, and it needs appropriate management resources to cope with them. There are various applications and software available today, thanks to technological advancements, that will allocate you to your company's customer relationship management operation. The philosophy is to concentrate on selecting the best resources for you that accept your business terminologies. Furthermore, in small to medium-sized businesses, consumer partnerships are critical because they work with a smaller clientele and must retain as well as acquire new ones in order to expand. 

In general, the company's CRM operation is a consumer database for market processes, including information on clients, openings, and leads. The Odoo CRM, an innovative client experience management application that comes with the Odoo ERP, would be a valuable tool for you. Odoo, a one-stop business solution, has a modular structure and architecture that allows you to add application-specific modules if required. CRM is one of them, and it enables you to manage client relationships.

Furthermore, Odoo's CRM is compatible with the platform's other operational modules. The sales module, in particular, allows you to generate sales quotes directly from the CRM module. Furthermore, Odoo CRM has specialized service software that can assist you in acquiring more leads, following up on them, and batting market prospects with customers. It can also be integrated with the Odoo-based business website to log and follow up on visitors.

This blog will give you a quick rundown of how Odoo CRM will help small and medium-sized businesses.

Let me have some background information before digging into the facets of Odoo CRM's capabilities as a small and medium-sized company. The information about a client, including his or her contact information and significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and birthdays, is critical because it allows marketers to establish a good relationship with customers by approaching them at appropriate times, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that are completely dependent on the brand.

Customer information is typically stored in excel sheets in the case of a business establishment, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Well, indeed! I understand; your business is in the early stages of operation, and you might have begun it from the ground up. This technique may seem to you to be useful and accurate at the time. However, this could become a concern for you in the long term. Furthermore, since the odds of missing an excel file are high, it would not notify you of upcoming deadlines or dates.

The following are the features that make Odoo CRM operations more useful for your small or medium-sized business:

Attain more opportunity

Any corporate organization's main goal is to increase the number of business opportunities available to them. Odoo CRM has user-friendly applications that help you expand the company's market opportunities. Here's a list of them that will make the lead-gathering functions with Odoo CRM a easy:

> Lead generation

> Lead scoring

> Lead enrichment

Integration of website traffic monitoring with CRM

The lead generation practices included with Odoo CRM would be sufficient to assist you in obtaining further market opportunities. Let's move on to the manageability of the procure ones now that we've established the resources available with Odoo for market opportunity creation.

Managing the leads/opportunities

If you are unable to handle the opportunities available with the capital at your disposal, there are no advantages to your business. And, the sales staff is a power. However, in a small to medium-sized company, there might not be much of a sales team; it could be a staff of two or three of the staff, or it could be handled by others who work in other divisions. In any case, you should be able to handle the leads you've acquired; for this, the Odoo platform provides a number of options that will allow you to do so effectively. Here are a few of them:

> Assign the leads to the respective sales team or person

> Create follow up activities on leads such as emails, meetings, or calls to describe the clients on the products and services of the company.

> The follow-up activities can also be assigned to a sales term or person of your company

> Prioritize your leads and categorize them.

> Generate sales orders directly from the CRM module.

Both of these tools can assist you in managing leads with the resources available to the organisation, allowing it to be operational at all stages of the business.


Customer feedback is critical for the advancement of a company's goods and services, particularly as it grows. Customer input is critical for your company, and the Odoo ERP recognizes this. Odoo's survey module can assist you in creating and generating product and consumer reviews that can be sent to them by email or other online mediums.

Finally, Odoo CRM would be more useful for you in the corporate processes of your small or medium-sized businesses, as it will provide you with specialized resources and operational terminologies.

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