The Benefits of Odoo's Survey Module

Surveys are necessary for gathering data from diverse sources in order to enhance productivity, boost sales, lower expenses, and improve service quality. In a survey, honest comments and replies from customers and workers will help you in making decisions in many areas of business. It will assist you in determining exactly what customers want through a series of organized questions with extremely specific opinions when it comes to marketing. Online surveys are a convenient method to communicate with people. It takes less time than the previous method of obtaining information through one-on-one conversation.

When an individual, corporation, or organization has a need for information, we can gather data from different sources depending on the technique we use. Survey feedback will assist such businesses or organizations in examining the needs and preferences of their customers, allowing them to make adjustments to their offerings and procedures.

Surveys are the most dependable way to receive honest feedback from our customers, and they can help you figure out where to spend your time to achieve the best results. This process is now easier than it was in the past thanks to online survey tools. The Odoo survey module efficiently helps you in gathering information about your customers' happiness, expectations, and impressions of your products and services so that you may adjust your marketing tactics as needed.

This blog explains the major features of Odoo's survey module, as well as how quickly you can design, conduct, and evaluate various sorts of surveys with it.

Help you to create a survey with ease

A user may use the Odoo survey module to construct any mode of survey that meets his needs by specifying it in the survey's name. By asking the proper questions in your survey, it allows you to stay in touch with your product and service customers. It is now much easier to create such surveys with Odoo.

This module is useful for gathering and analyzing feedback in order to determine how customer satisfaction is evolving and what variables impact it. The most difficult aspects of a survey are gathering real input and converting it into useful data. The Odoo survey module will assist you in streamlining these procedures while preventing data loss.


You may modify each question in the survey module to get the precise replies you're searching for. Users may also include a customized explanation beneath the survey's name to tell customers about the survey's importance.

By selecting a suitable question type, you can easily modify the survey to meet your needs. In a survey, the way you ask the question is critical. If the individual you choose in the poll is unattractive and boring, you should not respond. You may pick the appropriate question format for your survey in Odoo's survey module to make it more successful. The 'many lines text box' allows you to respond in several lines, but the 'single-line text box' requires you to summarize your response in one line. In the Survey module, there are a variety of question patterns to choose from.

This module allows you to rapidly generate questions without getting lost in the process, as well as customize the settings (for example, a user may specify certain obligatory restrictions for each question if necessary). Users may simply collect feedback for the questions by activating the show comment option under the 'Allow Comment' section. Adding images to your survey can help it stand out from the crowd and become more appealing. It's simple to enable the time limit option and define the time limit if the survey will be performed with a time restriction.

Test your survey 

To minimize any mistakes, you should test your survey before utilizing it to gather data. It will assist you in identifying perplexing questions and survey mistakes that might lead to biased responses. Testing your survey will guarantee that it is accurate for the intended demographic and will alert you to any flaws that may cause misunderstanding. It determines if all members of the target group are able to follow the details as provided in the survey instructions.

When your survey is finished, click the 'Test' option to conduct the survey's testing. You can submit your responses once you've answered the questions. We have the option of viewing our responses in the survey module. To eliminate mistakes and problems, testing should be done before beginning the real survey.

Sharing surveys

There are several ways to distribute your survey once you've finished testing it. You may quickly create a link and add it to your website. Respondents get a better experience when they do the survey on your website rather than in several windows.

You can learn more about your visitors and record their email addresses by embedding surveys on your website. Using the survey URL, we may send email invitations to our target audience using this module.

Data analysis

The survey module automatically gathers replies and syncs them with your database. Advanced analyzing choices will assist you in determining the overall picture from individual replies. As soon as the audience's replies are received, we may view them in the answer menu. Customers' survey responses are automatically assigned to the topic in the survey module that corresponds to their answers. You may select replies based on particular criteria to get the most precise statistics in the form of online charts, bars, or graphs that fit your exact needs.

Improving strategies

You can simply generalize these replies and alter the ongoing rules after evaluating the data obtained from the Odoo survey module, which will help you enhance your company plans. These data may be shared with other Odoo tools. It streamlines the process of gathering information on workers, customers, and markets while lowering expenses.

This module allows users to create their own questionnaires to learn what customers think about their goods and services, as well as what modifications the firm should make to its present strategy. When people submit their replies, you may save their feedback automatically in your database in real time, which reduces the risk of data loss.

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