Use Odoo to Enhance Your Project Management

Project managers are often tasked with a variety of activities, including allocating funding, budgeting, overseeing staff members, calling meetings, reviewing data, arranging tasks, resolving problems, and tracking job progress, to name a few. When the number of tasks going is high, the project manager's duties in the organization become daunting. It becomes difficult for the project manager to look at each and every partnership that occurs in the company.

As a result, it necessitates the use of a decent intuitive project management program in the workplace to ensure real-time project monitoring and organization. The project management platform can automate time-consuming projects, as well as the management of a vast team of people employed within it, in a smart and intuitive manner.

As a result, there has been a substantial increase in the use of project management tools by various organisations over the last decade. Almost 90% of high-performing organizations are using project management software to complete their work in a competent way. And the numbers show that project management software has aided these companies in organizing their data and delivering excellent results on time.

However, using the right project management framework or program assures the desired results. It is important to choose an application that is compatible with the company workflow. In terms of PM methods, there are several options. Many have a wide range of solutions that guarantee high-end efficiency and management capabilities.

If you're looking for project management software for your company, make sure it has the features listed below.

1. Project Planning and Scheduling

2. Team Collaboration

3. Time Tracking

4. Reporting

5. Project Budgeting

Regardless about how many other functions the machine has. When it comes to project management, the latter is both essential and unavoidable. Odoo, on the other hand, could be the best option if you need a versatile all-in-one project management app.

Here's why, without further ado.

It's easy to handle project projects with Odoo project management. Project managers also encounter difficulties and roadblocks in handling the many projects that make up a project. Odoo, on the other hand, makes things a lot easier.

Odoo does everything from introducing assignments and subtasks to detailing the roles of each team member under a specific mission. There are no misunderstandings with Odoo about who is given duties and what the scheduled work hours are.

It's easy to keep track of the phases of various project projects right from the tasks dashboard. One can delegate new assignments to team members and set goals and deadlines right from there.

It's also very easy to arrange events under an assignment with Odoo, such as scheduling client meetings/calls, setting deadlines, and tagging tasks for instant detection, and so on. As a result, the project manager's job becomes a lot easier. He doesn't have to rummage through huge paper files as he used to.

Thus, by using Odoo's forecasting platform with scheduled time periods, the project manager can easily resolve issues without having to manually arrange or reschedule the whole project agenda.

Moving on, multiple Odoo views have the ability to execute various fascinating functions. For example, per point of view:

KANBAN VIEW: Gives an overall view of the various activities in progress. It is therefore simple to update coworkers on the status of various activities.

GANTT VIEW: Make assigning assignments to each employee or team member simpler. The view allows for improved workload and human resource preparation and organization.

The project managers will easily check which individuals are allocated to which jobs using the Gantt map, as well as reschedule the current plan if necessary. Making changes to resource assignments is simple with Odoo; you can quickly correct things with one or two button clicks.

CALENDAR VIEW: This Odoo view aids in the better coordination and organization of tasks within a mission. For the project management tool, this is a must-have function. To enhance its capabilities, it can be synchronized with Google Calendar or iCal, meaning that no vital detail is missed while interacting in real time.

Here's how Odoo's organizing and scheduling feature helps you handle your projects:

1. A brief view of unscheduled time slots and each employee's/team member's working hours beneath an assignment.

2. Delegating assignments to various workers with versatility and mobility. Allowing for swift job assignment decision-making.

3. A brief description of each team member's responsibilities in order to set reasonable deadlines.

4. Preventing workers from being overworked by assigning them various assignments.

5.  Prioritizing prioritized tasks over all planned tasks.

6. Assignments will be easily re-filled if an employee does his job ahead of schedule.

7. Assuring a productive project team that can complete all tasks on schedule.

Who does not like collaborating on a project? Well, indeed! Odoo takes this responsibility very seriously. To complete the mission, Odoo project management guarantees that the team can collaborate in real time and has access to each other's important documents and information data.

Furthermore, with Odoo, attaching documents and sending emails or SMS to the correspondent is a breeze. If there are hundreds or thousands of people working on a project, Odoo allows for fast contact across various networks. The team member will add log notes or files to the framework under the tasks tab. Meanwhile, his coworkers will be able to get these records quickly if they need them.

Similarly, project budgeting is critical for a company to determine the feasibility of each project. It enables them to make the requisite adjustments to their working practices. In the Odoo project management framework, gaining visibility into project profitability is as simple as clicking a button.

One gets to see it from the project dashboard itself. 

Last but not least, Odoo's robust monitoring capabilities set it apart from other project management software. Odoo includes a variety of reporting tools that assist in the creation of customizable reports to examine various flaws and problems that require immediate attention.

It's simple to get updates on project budgets, project costs, projects completed, team member results, and much more with Odoo. Project managers and other users can easily generate reports and choose criteria such as Filters, Group By, and Time Ranges to categorize data and analyze it efficiently.

These reports are also available in a variety of formats, including Pie Chart View, Graph View, and several others. As a result of the patterns depicted on the various graphs, project managers will easily assess the situation and take appropriate steps to improve it.

In a nutshell, Odoo project management can be a clever business solution because it aids you in achieving both detail and big picture of your project. Odoo does any time-consuming task for you, from client contracts to project accounting, reporting to task assignment. There's no way the corresponding participants will be abandoned or unattended. Odoo sends reminders to remind users about upcoming deadlines and to keep them informed. It also allows team members to communicate and collaborate. Furthermore, Odoo generates new assignments and problems automatically from incoming emails, allowing for better customer communication.

Here's a quick recap of the Odoo Project Management Module's main features:

a) Effortless project/task formation and management.

b) Project/Employee-based planning.

c) Time Management and Effective Scheduling

d) Management of Service Contracts

e) More accurate forecasting and resource allocation.

f) Project Budgeting- Invoices based on Timesheets, Ordered Quantities, and Milestones

g) Reports and project KPIs that can be customized.

h) Analytical data.

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