Various Shop Features in Odoo 14 Pos Module

POS is a sophisticated module in Odoo that serves as a useful management tool for running a successful business. The module's extensive features and tools enable you to operate in a free and well-organized environment. You can effortlessly manage your shops with features like Shop. You may have a birds-eye view of every single piece in your business, from the decision-making executives to the cashier, and Odoo allows you to have an individual and highly efficient description of the operations that each area and employee of your Shop are carrying out.

This article will offer you a short rundown of the Shop Module's key features in POS Odoo 14.


From the POS module, you can quickly manage your invoices. To enable the Invoicing function in the POS module, go to the settings of your POS module, click on the Point of Sale, choose your Point of sale, and then under Bills and Receipts, find your Invoicing choices, check the box, and select the journal on which you want to produce invoices. Use the Client button on your POS interface to choose a customer for invoicing. Click the Invoice button on the payment screen to invoice your customer, then print the invoice.

Cash control

Cash Control is a feature in the Odoo 14 POS module that allows you to get a comprehensive view of the Cashbox when it is opened and closed. To enable the Cash control function, go to the configuration tab on your Point of Sale module, choose the Point of Sale, and then select your POS interface under the Payment category, where the Cash control options may be found, as seen in the picture below.

You may generate values depending on the various denominations by clicking on the Opening or Closing values, as seen in the picture above. After you've set up the basic processes, go ahead and create a new session, where you'll find the Specified Opening Balance option, which will display your opening balance based on the default opening value you set on the Cash management page. You may provide a closing button for the closing session, and you can compare the two balances. To get to the zero-sum difference, the same closing balance as your beginning balance, select the Take Money Out option and go to the next session.

Barcode in POS

Barcodes have evolved into one of the most crucial aspects of company administration. Using it to handle point-of-sale orders may save you a lot of time and offer your consumers a sense of trust in your company by allowing them to save time. To set up and utilize a barcode scanner, go to the Configuration tab of your POS module, click on Point of Sale, choose your POS interface, and then click on the Barcode scanner under the Hardware category. To add barcodes to items, go to your POS module's Catalog, choose a product, and under the general information tab, you'll see a box for inputting the barcode, which you can scan from your POS interface. For displaying the amount, you can scan the same product numerous times.

Log In with Employee

The Odoo POS module allows you to easily handle numerous cashiers while also allowing you to look at each cashier and their operations independently. You may swap Cashiers in Odoo in three ways. Choosing cashiers, entering a pin number, or scanning barcodes are all options. To enable the function, go to your POS settings and enable log in with workers on your POS form. After that, you can add the employees who have access to the cash register and quickly switch between them.

Reprint Receipts

This function may be used to reproduce a receipt. To do so, navigate to the Point of Sale from the POS module's Configuration tab and look for the Reprint Receipts option under the Bills and Receipts category. Click and check the option to add the Reprint Receipts option to your POS interface, as seen in the picture below.

You can reprint your last receipt with this feature.

Cash Rounding 

When the lowest or smallest coin has a considerably higher value than the smallest unit of account, cash rounding is necessary. Every point of sale in Odoo may be configured to apply cash rounding to the sum of its bills and receipts.

You may enable this feature by going to your POS module's configuration settings tab and selecting Cash Rounding from the choices. Then specify the Rounding method by opening the drop-down list and selecting, Create, and Edit from the options.

Here you may set your Rounding accuracy, Profit Account, and Loss Account form, as well as save your settings. Then, depending on your module's parameters, add the rounding line.

POS, like every other module in Odoo, is packed with advanced functionality, supporting tools, and aspects to help you run your business more efficiently and smoothly. The module's extensive capabilities, such as the Shop, are the most sophisticated method to properly run your business while keeping strong and long-lasting client connections. When combined with the Odoo system's sophisticated management tools, you can quickly unlock new levels of advanced company management functionality. The Shop module's primary capabilities and tools are simple to use and don't need an additional set of Odoo brains. You can simply manage and see all of the different business transactions in your Shop. Through the modules, you may get a customized picture of each of your employees, and you can have direct supervision over them and lead them through various procedures. You may have a direct view of your Cashiers and an individual look at them using the Odoo PoS module to see precisely how much each of them has received, which also helps you better understand your clients and have a more advanced and sophisticated functioning business environment.

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