Vendors menu, Advanced Solutions-Odoo 14 Accounting

Vendors menu

The accounting dashboard's vendor menu offers functional activities such as  refunds, payments, vendor creation, and so many more. Many of the user's activities relating to the suppliers mentioned in the Odoo platform can be initiated from here.

Bills: From this menu, you can create all vendor bills. The bills are produced based on the goods that have been supplied or ordered. Pricing is debated beforehand and an agreement is reached. The picture below shows the bill creation menu, where bills are designed for the various suppliers based on the goods.


Refunds: In the case of a business operation, the goods may be exchanged and returned to the manufacturer based on multiple business operation terminologies. The refund option enables users to request that sums be refunded based on the items listed in the window.


Payments: All of the company's payment activities for manufacturer bills can be found here. To incorporate a real-time operation, the component is linked to the accounting module.

Vendors: This window displays the manufacturer list. The user will perform different activities on the contact information as well as the qualifications of each person on the list.

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