What does an Odoo Timesheet entail?

A timesheet is a tool that may be used to keep track of all activities based on their completion time. This approach may be used to control working hours or the time spent on various tasks by a worker or employee. Previously, the timesheet was maintained using paper. However, the development of ERP technologies has aided businesses in accurately managing timesheets on the e-platform. This will provide us with information on the team's productivity and efficacy. This will also allow us to track the team's efficiency and evaluate their performance.

Timesheets can assist a business in keeping track of staff attendance and payroll. It may also help with a variety of other activities, such as project management based on work hours. Furthermore, we may have assistance with the development of sale orders, since the selling price and order can be produced based on the entire amount of labor and billable time.

Odoo has added a timesheet to assist managers in tracking and analyzing the performance of their team members. Odoo Timesheet is a module that may be used in a variety of sectors and businesses. Accounting, Sales, Projects, and Human Resources modules may all be connected with Odoo timesheet.

In this article, we'll look at the importance of the Odoo Timesheet module as well as its main features.

We may claim that Odoo Timesheet assists us in managing our operations in five distinct ways.

Enables the tracking of working hours

The main use of the Odoo Timesheet is to keep track of workers' working hours. This may be accomplished through a variety of initiatives and responsibilities. We can also keep track of the working hours on a regular basis. Odoo allows us to enter working hours information at any time of day.

We can simply analyze the development of a project as a whole since this technology lets us manage the working hours of multiple personnel and different jobs simultaneously. This will also help us oversee and enhance how a person does his or her job. Management will be able to notify an employee about his or her performance on a regular basis and then offer them instructions on how to improve it. As a result, the way the entire business approaches and handles projects will improve. A few key benefits of utilizing Odoo Timesheet for work hour management are given below.

Quick input collection

Every day, we may simply manage our activities and keep track of them in an activity journal. This procedure may be done at any time of day, and the entries can be easily handled.

Task management made easy

We would be able to handle various jobs with the help of time monitoring software. It will enable us to start our work with only one click. We may begin our work by pressing the Start button and then handle the rest of the activities in a logical order.

Odoo Timesheet displays your operations and activities in a grid format, allowing us to quickly assess performance.

Exact time management

Odoo Timesheet features a timer feature that allows us to determine how much time an employee spent on a certain job.

Odoo Timesheet also makes it easier to filter jobs and streamlines the validation process. With this technology, we can also make invoicing management easier.

Enable to Work Offline

Employees may be required to work offline from time to time, and it is critical to maintain track of this activity. We may also track work in offline mode with Odoo Timesheet. Our work can be tracked even when there is no internet connection thanks to the offline tracking option. In addition, we may synchronize our offline and online work records.

Easy to Manage Employees

By establishing tasks and allocating them to staff, we may handle a variety of activities. With the aid of the Odoo Timesheet, we can track and manage employee performance.

After assessing their position in the organization, we may also limit or provide access privileges to specific workers. Managers may now approve timesheets provided by workers using Odoo Timesheet. Another advantage is that we may give various employees varying levels of access and visibility to the timesheet.

We may also send reminders to employees in the form of emails using Timesheet. People can be reminded of their duties and timesheets with these reminders. This reminder feature will also assist managers in being reminded to approve their workers' timesheets.

Most importantly, supervisors may keep track of and evaluate their workers' performance while they are working on a job or project.


For timesheet analysis, Odoo Timesheet provides reporting functionality. This makes it easier for us to determine productive hours, billable hours, un-invoiced sums, and so on.

We may also utilize this application to manage our vacations, as vacations will be immediately connected with the timesheet.

Easy Integrations

Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, and Projects are among the five primary Odoo products that may be connected with Odoo Timesheet.

Because the timesheet will be immediately connected with the payroll, the accounting staff will be able to compute the due salary much more simply.

We can also link a timesheet with the Sales module to assist with invoicing and billing based on timesheet inputs. This timesheet may be used to invoice customer services and create professional invoices.

Another important wing that benefits from Timesheet integration is human resources management. This application can assist the HR department in managing employee attendance and working hours.

Odoo Timesheet makes project management easier by allowing us to track the time spent on each project or activity. This statistic can also be used to inform clients about the amount of time necessary or spent on a work. 

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