What makes Odoo CRM better than Excel?

Microsoft Excel played a critical part in the early days of every company's operation, and it continues to do so now. The user-friendly data description software, which allows users to easily access data contained in the form of a table, has been utilized all over the world and has consistently delivered dependable results. An excel sheet's usefulness may be observed at all levels of a corporation, as well as in one's own professional and personal life. Furthermore, it is one of the most fundamental instruments for data definition and functioning in company management activities. Microsoft Excel has evolved in recent years to provide users with more powerful functions and tools for describing data in a more efficient and reliable manner.

As the company's operations improved, both in-house and out-of-house, the requirement for software to support them became unavoidable. Excel's capability in customer relationship management features had become ineffective, and it couldn't keep up with an establishment's real-time demands. Customer relationship management is critical for every company's operations, and without adaptive and effective solutions, the company's operations would suffer catastrophic losses and a loss of commercial prospects.

The company's consumers are its most valuable asset. Making customers pleased and content with the company's products and services will increase their business opportunities and, as a result, boost the company's performance. As a result, the company must have a well-functioning customer relationship management system. Odoo ERP has a powerful CRM module that gives users all of the tools they need to manage their customer relationships. Odoo is a dependable solution for any company's operations. It is essentially a full business management software created in the previous decade. Odoo is capable of operating the whole corporate activities at all levels of operations thanks to its single platform and centralized approach, which includes central inventory management and a database of operations.

Furthermore, Odoo's CRM module is linked with the platform's other modules, allowing for seamless information interchange and data sharing. Odoo CRM's primary goal is to increase sales prospects for the organization. This would be done with simplicity in the platform, since the user would be able to make sales orders for a specific client straight from the module, which is feasible thanks to the Odoo CRM and sales module's interaction.

This blog will explain why Odoo CRM is superior to Excel in terms of functionality.

High access speed 

The Odoo CRM may be accessed from any remote device that is configured with the Odoo platforms. Additionally, Odoo includes a mobile view that may be used while working with mobile devices. Odoo CRM provides faster access to information contained in an excel file.

Data sharing

It is a well-known truth that Excel files may be shared and used by the appropriate individuals. The user, on the other hand, is unable to block specific data content, which is something that Odoo can simply accomplish. Because the platform is based on hierarchical security levels, it operates in a hierarchical manner. As a result, the user is forced to limit information or data to certain people.

Mistake elimination

The excel files may be simply erased, and the alterations that have been performed are not indicated in any way. The Odoo CRM activities, on the other hand, cannot be erased, and all modifications are stored into the database with a clear explanation.

Alert functionality

The user will be notified by Odoo CRM if the deadline is missed or if the operation changes. Furthermore, while inputting data to a specific user, the user may specify the appropriate warnings.

Advanced tools

The Odoo platform comes with powerful operational capabilities that provide users the opportunity to find new business possibilities. In the company's customer relationship management operation, tools like lead generation, lead enrichment, and schedule activities with prospective opportunity will be beneficial.

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