Why choose Odoo 14 Barcode & How to Set Location Barcodes for Inventory management

Inventory control is a critical process for companies. Inventory management will assist you with storing and managing all of your goods and supplies. An ERP tool can assist you in managing a comprehensive list of products, such as finished goods and raw materials.

There are different types of inventories based on the requirement of the business. They are

   - Inventory for work in progress goods

   - Inventory for Raw materials

   - Inventory for maintenance, repair, and overhaul

    - Inventory for Finished Good

Barcode and Inventory

Barcodes are a framework that allows users to efficiently coordinate all inventory-related operations. The customer would be able to monitor and find the commodity or products using a barcode. It allows you to follow the product in seconds. Barcodes can also help in sales and other activities.

Why choose Barcode for Inventory management

1. Easy to use

Managing barcodes for inventory control isn't a difficult challenge. It can be easily controlled by anyone, even though they have no experience with apps or computers.

2. Cost-Effective

Barcodes are inexpensive to implement. IT will also assist you in managing all tasks, which would support you by automating product identification.

3. Easy availability of the technology

Barcode technology is no longer a mysterious and difficult-to-use technology. However, barcode incorporation is now available from all ERP suppliers.

4. Minimal errors

You don't have to manually type the product serial number or other information when you use a barcode. Errors can occur while typing by hand. The odds of making a mistake are extremely slim by using barcode scanning, which helps you to insert all information in a fraction of a second.

5. Increased security

By securely managing records, barcodes help us prevent mistakes and maintain protection.

6. Quick product tracking

Product tracking becomes easier with barcodes. The moment the barcode is scanned the product details will be updated and the movement can be tracked.

Odoo Barcode App

Odoo barcode is a cutting-edge technology with a wide range of features. Odoo barcode can assist you with managing all warehouse activities, including inventory changes and product monitoring.

Key Operations using Odoo Barcode

    - Inventory Adjustment

    - Batch Transfer

    - Inventory Operations

How to use Odoo Barcode App

The installation of the application is the first step in your job.

It's simple to get to the module and start working.

However, don't hesitate to use the inventory app. Your inventory, which is barcode-enabled, provides you with the latest product management support.

Validating barcode for a product

When you use Odoo, both of these procedures get even easier. Go to Odoo's Inventory module and double-check the settings.

Operations can be found in the parameters.

The barcode can be activated in the Configuration tab, under the Operations tab.

So, what's next? When you activate the barcode, you are given the option to configure the product barcode right away. Don't be hesitant. Simply press it to open a new browser.

In addition, the picture above shows a product list. Issuing barcodes is no longer a difficult job. Simply click on the product to do so. Choose the product on which you'd like to apply a barcode. Then, in the column, type in the barcode.

Using the Save button, you will finish the mission. However, don't forget to save the updates to the parameters. You can be confident you've added barcodes to the package until you've saved the updates on the settings tab.

How to Set Location Barcodes for inventory?

This is also a straightforward procedure that can be done in only a few stages. You must select the configuration tab in the inventory module to access the warehouse management option. We will get positions under this.

Find the locations here

We can use the CREATE button to create new positions in addition to viewing the current ones.

The picture above demonstrates how to use barcodes. We will include barcodes for each location, allowing us to distinguish the locations using barcodes.

Odoo Inventory's barcode integration also allows you to print the place name alongside the barcode.

The screenshot below is a printable version of the position barcode.

Now that we've gone through all of this information, let's look at the main features of the Odoo Barcode.

Take a look at the picture shown below. This is the window that appears when you press on the app.

Three keys can be found here: Operations, Inventory, and Batch Switch. These buttons will assist you with a variety of activities.

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