With Odoo ERP, you can overcome COVID 19's negative effects on your business.

We're all going through this together, and we're hoping to get over it soon. Troubled circumstances, on the other hand, necessitate severe inventive methods. For those companies that have been harmed by the lockdown's economic consequences, we can assure you that with Odoo, you can revitalize your company and make it stronger and safer than before.

As we all know, Covid-19 has invaded and spread throughout the world, killing and infecting a staggering number of people, and despite all attempts by governments and medical organizations to find a treatment, the situation remains serious. And, as a result of the quarantine and lockdown, the world economy was severely harmed, resulting in a catastrophic economic catastrophe on top of the already dire health condition. Supply lines have been affected, manufacturing has been halted, and many firms have been forced to close until further notice as a result of the worldwide lockdown.

So, once we've gotten rid of this epidemic - hopefully soon - and companies have resumed operations, we'll be faced with a new challenge: recovering from the present economic disaster and getting our enterprises back on track. This is a difficult undertaking that needs current and inventive solutions. Having an ERP system in place at your firm might help you get your business back on track. By assisting in the optimal utilization of a company's entire resources and therefore achieving maximum productivity, an ERP like Odoo, with its Business Intelligence, decreases labor needs and enhances productivity. How might Odoo assist in overcoming this company's difficulty, and what services does it provide? Let's see what happens.

Minimum Workforce

Manufacturing, CRM, Purchase, Sales Inventory, and e-Commerce are just a few of the amazing Odoo modules that help your business run smoothly even if you have less staff. The automation of different duties provided by these capabilities enables for effective communication among your employees regardless of where they work: at home or at the office. Production, Invoicing, Lead Generation, Manufacturing Automation, Purchase Automation, and Stock Movement Automation are all possible with Odoo's modules. So you may keep working with Odoo's different services even if you have rigorous safety procedures in place and some key workers.

E-Commerce and Lockdown

According to data, the shutdown resulted in a 190 percent surge in sales of all sorts of items on e-commerce sites like Amazon. While some companies were forced to close and wait until the lockdown was lifted, e-commerce thrived. So, if your warehouses are bursting to the seams with goods but you can't sell any of them due to quarantine, Odoo can help by setting up an e-commerce website to keep the sales flowing. In Odoo, creating an e-Commerce website is a breeze. Without being a designer, you may build a professional design with highly elegant and appealing themes. You may also simply customize pages to match your company's own design. Odoo e-commerce websites are also integrated with a variety of online payment options, including PayPal, Ingenico, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, PayUmoney, Stripe, and SIPS Wordline, making it much easier for customers to buy.

Remote Management

Any ERP system must have remote management capabilities, and Odoo excels at it like no other. Numerous firms that follow a conventional method of working and management had to shut down and wait as a result of COVID 19 and the transportation curfew enforced in many nations. With Odoo, you can eliminate the requirement for employees and supervisors to be physically present. Every essential task may be managed from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to get started. Because of Odoo's extremely effective features and Business Intelligence, you can keep your business operations running by having access to your company's database whenever and wherever you are.

Meeting High Demands for Products

When businesses return to work after the epidemic has passed, they are obliged to operate at full capacity in order to fulfill the enormous demand for products. Due to the broken supply chain, manufacturing restrictions imposed by the lockdown, and the consequent scarcity of everyday items, there is a high demand and no stock scenario. Companies should be equipped with the best ERP solution to structure their work operations in order to overcome these problems. You may use Odoo's effective Manufacturing module to

  • Produce a wide range of goods with minimal harm and high quality.

  • Plan out personnel shifts and activities for the coming weeks.

  • Purchasing components that are required for production as a result of Odoo's different reordering and purchase rules.

In summary, you can have a quick and well-organized production with Odoo.

Virtualization of Transactions

Financial transactions involving cash have become a thing of the past. Virtual transactions and Internet Banking are now used by all businesses, but accounting is a different story, since it is still done independently in the majority of situations. Odoo's accounting module, on the other hand, overcomes this issue. Odoo allows you to quickly integrate all of your transactions, share them with others, and eliminate the need for traditional accounting procedures.

Better and Secure Business Communication

Businesses are suffering problems in these challenging times, and effective and secure communication among workers, partners, and clients is critical to success, which you can do with Odoo. Odoo Discuss is a commercial messaging software with a user-friendly interface. The software is really useful since it allows dozens of people to speak with each other at the same time in a short amount of time. Odoo allows employees of any size to share projects and other important documents without fear of information leakage.


The primary objective of an ERP is to provide cost-effective management services. You can save your business administration costs without sacrificing service quality by using Odoo's powerful and configurable modules.

To summarize, we are all experiencing this difficulty together, and we are hopeful that we will be able to overcome it soon. Troubled circumstances, on the other hand, necessitate severe inventive methods. For those companies that have been harmed by the lockdown's economic consequences, we can assure you that with Odoo, you can revitalize your company and make it stronger and safer than before.

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